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Physical Effects Of The Mind

Updated on January 24, 2013

The Physical side of Genius

Researchers are investigating and finding the biological basis of high IQ.
Among one of their finding is that smarter brains seem to be bigger in certain locations.
After his death it was discovered that parts of Einstein’s brain was 15 percent wider at the top behind the ears. This is the area thought to be critical for visual and mathematical thinking. This region also includes parts of the parietal and frontal lobes and a structure called the anterior cingulate. Bigger brains are smarter with brain volume accounting for 16 percent of variance in IQ.

Studies have found that some intelligent brains uses less energy to solve problems.
However under certain conditions researchers have observed higher neuronal power consumption. One such condition is that demands higher neuron activity is that of a musical prodigy. It is the snap decisions that must be made during a performance demands higher energy from the brain. Experimental psychologist Werner Krause proposed that highly gifted brains solve puzzles more efficiently therefore using less energy in the process.

As it relates to sex, male brains are bigger but older brains are smaller.
However there is evidence of dendrite growth into the senior years. There is more dendrite activity in the healthy aged brain than in the younger brain. ( Dendrite:,,, Various branched protoplasmic extensions of a nerve cell that conducts impulses from adjacent cells.)

In a 2006 study it was discovered that academic prodigies younger than eight had an unusually thin cerebral cortex. Which rapidly became chunkier than that of the less clever kids by late childhood. Consistent with other studies the frontal brain region, which governs the rational thought process, was very pronounced.

No one is quite sure why studies show some high IQ brains produce low activity while others show high activity when faced with a complex problem. Studies do suggest that environment does play a significant role in brain development. While evidence does not show changes in anatomy or biochemistry due to memories or learning. There is evidence of change due to certain training or learning activities. These activities causes changes in the region of the brain believed to be responsible for learning and memory. Surprisingly the learning and memory process is not confined to the brain. Scientist have studied changes in the nervous system as well.

Studies of spinal reflexes in a surgically disconnected spine revealed that learning can occur within the spine itself, independent of the brain. The two elementary forms of learning that occur within the spine are habituation and sensitization. Habituation when a repetitive stimuli is eventually ignored once the event is deemed inconsequential. Sensitization on the other hand is the opposite because of the increased response to a repetitive stimuli. This happens when the stimuli becomes stronger and stronger with each repeat forcing the organism in a posture of defending itself.

Many people will agree IQ is highly over rated and does not guarantee success. However researchers concluded that discipline and hard work was the main characteristic of those with complex problem solving skills. Even Einstein’s genius was contributed to his willingness to sacrifice short term pleasures for long term gains. Which was compounded with the love and support of his family and friends.


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