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ISD 256. School District Denies Wrong Doing--'Wigger Day' Event

Updated on October 17, 2015


‘Independent School District #256, Red Wing, Minnesota has been and continues to be committed to providing an education to its students that is free from discrimination and harassment based upon race or otherwise," said Superintendent Karsten Anderson in a statement. "The district denies the allegations that it has created a racially hostile environment and looks forward to meeting these allegations in court.’

Red Wing High School--MN
Red Wing High School--MN | Source

Lawsuit Concerning Civil Rights and 'Wigger Day'

As former high school student sits in wait over a lawsuit for ‘wigger day’ Independent School District 256, Red Wing continues to miss the point. According to reports based on Quera Pruitt, 19, her years surrounding 2008 and 2009 at Red Wing High school had been racially absurd.

Special Event Causes Emotional Uproar

In her town in Minnesota, Red Wing held ‘Dress Up Days’. However, instead of ‘Tropical Day’, Red Wing held the ‘Wigger Day’. Ideally, after the school’s administration took note of the particular event, students appeared with stereotypical low-slung pants, oversize jerseys, tilted baseball caps and doo rags on their heads.

A class action lawsuit had been filed on July 29th defines the term ‘wigger’--a pejorative slang term for a white person who emulates the mannerisms, language and fashions associated with African-American culture. Chiefly, Ms. Quera Pruitt is not amused. As previously stated (according to sources),’This is blackface for the 21st century,’ said Pruitt's attorney, Joshua Williams. ‘The school and the district failed to do anything to address the conduct, remediate the conduct or even talk about it in a meaningful way. They turned a blind eye and were woefully indifferent.’

Attorney Joshua William reported to the Republican-Eagle <>: 'Wigger day is the same things as Ni**** day.’


Red Wing High School--'Wigger Day'

This is Not Final

Yet, according to the filed lawsuit, Pruitt’s distress conclusively forced her to go through with her previous warning of self; after mom coaxed Ms. Quera from her bed daily; thereafter, the young student refused to participate in school (threats to dropout). Quera Pruitt’s claim: Homecoming Week in 2009, caused ‘severe emotional distress including depression, loss of sleep, stress, crying, humiliation, anxiety, and shame.’ According to sources, Quera Pruit did graduate the following year (2010) <>. She is one of the plaintiff for this particular filed lawsuit against the ISD 256 in Minnesota. Surprisingly, this particular school is known for its racial bias

Ultimately, the school didn’t punish any student for this chaotic influence. The school district denies the allegations.

Quera Pruitt


Relocated Video Found on Another Website [17OCT15]

Video Found on Another Website [17OCT15]



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    • skagitqg75 profile image

      skagitqg75 2 years ago from United States

      What do you think causes this kind of issue; family ties or ignorance?

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      Red Wing is all kinds of messed up. I live in Minnesota and I've visisted Red Wing a few times - there's a fair amount of racial tension in that area.