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IT degree in Sri Lanka

Updated on March 9, 2012
IT degree in Sri Lanka
IT degree in Sri Lanka

Many Institutes offering IT degrees

The demand for IT degree holders in Sri Lanka are on the rise which is one of the reasons why many institutes are popping up everywhere offering various IT degrees. Software engineering is a skill that takes time to master and because of the constant changing nature of software it is challenging profession. This is precisely the reason why software engineers are paid high salaries by most companies. As I mentioned before there are many private universities offering IT degrees and there are many more private institutes offering IT diplomas and various other IT courses, the tricky part is finding the one that is best suited to yourself. Another important thing I must mention here is that any university or institute can only guide you, it is you who have to do additional reading,check out sample code in websites and improve your knowledge. A degree from a well recognized university might get you a job, but it want keep you in the job. More than most fields, software engineering field emphasize on performance and how much you try you cant fake that. You will be found out in the first six months of training and you will end up getting kicked out or retained with low salaries.

Various IT degrees available in Sri Lanka

As I mentioned in the above section there are many universities, both government and private, that offers IT degrees in Sri Lanka. Lets take a look at some of the best and affordable ones available to you.

If you can do your Advanced Levels well and get a good results then government universities are your best choice. Computer science and IT graduates from Moratuwa university are in high demand and most companies prefer hiring them and usually they can demand a good starting salary. Since education is free in government universities this is very affordable as well and because of the relatively more free time you are getting you can use this time to expand your knowledge and experiment with technologies.

However because there aren't many government universities, not everyone get selected to a government university. However there few private universities that offers IT degrees for a reasonable price. The best example of this is Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, popularly known as SLIIT. There degree is recognized by the university grants commission of Sri Lanka and compare to many other universities it is extremely affordable to study there. You also have the opportunity to get scholarships, various training programs with leading IT companies in Sri Lanka as well.SLIIT also have affiliations with few foreign universities so you have the ability to get a foreign degree as well.

Most other private universities in Sri Lanka are offering degree programs in affiliation with various foreign universities. Because of this reason cost for doing one of those degrees is relatively high compared to government universities and SLIIT.


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