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Holiday Is Over, It's Time to Return to School

Updated on July 23, 2018

Its Time To Return To School

Now that Summer holiday is over, vacation has been far spent and the moment to return to school to resume the new session and to continue your studies. The beginning a new session is always an important moment for students. Back to school period is always exciting considering the fact that children have spent longer period at home and almost all of them are eager to return to school to resume their routine. Margaret Laurence once wrote “holidays are enticing only for the first week or so. After that, it is no longer such a novelty to rise late and have little to do”. Some children if not all are keen to return to school and the big day is almost here and because of excitement children tend to rise early on the first day they are returning to school than normal school days. And that is because most pupil has missed their classmate, playmate etc., or definitely because they are tired of staying at home.

7 Reasons Students Long To Return To School
Tired to stay at Home: Being at home can be boring especially when there is little or nothing to do at home. Erma Bombeck once wrote, ‘being a child at home alone in the summer is a high risk occupation, if you call your mother at work thirteen times an hour, she can hurt you’. Many children will be counting the calendar to know when school will be resuming because they are bored staying at home.
They Have Missed Their Classmates: Children who have missed their friends are longing to meet them again.
House Chores is No Fun: Those who are scared of domestic chores tend to desire returning to school as soon as possible.
Excited To Go To The Next Level: Children that have been in junior level and who are going to be promoted to the senior level are always excited to go back to school and resume in their prospective grades/ levels.
Let Get This Over With: Children who are about to graduate from High school will be eager to return to school to be able to study against their final examination which will take them to the University or College.
To Boast About Achievement During Holiday: Most children are keen to go back to school and broadcast their achievement during the holiday.
Tired of The Scolding At Home: Aggressive parent or guardian can tempt the children to crave for school resumption to dodge the daily scourging and spanking which they receive at home.

Back To School Preparation Tips for Students

Although going back to school can be exciting, but don’t forget to prepare appropriately before the school resumption. There are lots of things that should be in place before you go back to school.
Get All The School Materials Needed for Your Level: Prior to the beginning of summer holiday make sure you inquire from your school or from your prospective school the number/type of books needed for your new grade, to enable you to buy them, if not buying all, at least get the compulsory or necessary books ready rather than running helter-skelter shopping for books when the school resume.

Get the necessary school materials such as




Eraser or Cleaner

Sharpener for your Pencil

Text Books

Exercise Book
A pair of shoe

New School Uniform: It is very important to get a new school uniform and new clothes since you are going to a new grade, get a new uniform or make sure you keep the one you have very tidy and let it be properly kept.

Back To School Preparation Tips for Students

Get a New School Bag: Change your school bag and before buying a new bag check for the trending one to avoid being termed as having outdated school bag, you know I am saying. Before buying any item just to avoid being out of trend when school will resume, try asking store owners what other kids are generally buying from them to be informed,

Waking up Early: Resumption time is also a time of adjustment, many kids are longer use to rising early because they are accustomed of waking late during the holiday. Rise early and to go to school on time to be able to locate your classroom most especially when it is a new school or class to choose the position where you will be sitting in the classroom/lecture room.

Get Your Project Done Before the Resumption Date: If you were given any project prior to long break, completing your project is very crucial, it can be frustrating to find out that you have not done anything about your project just a day to school resumption, you will be edgy and there is nothing as good as going to school with a relaxed mind, you will be more organized and comfortable but having tension written all over your face on the big day? It is so devastating.

Back To School Preparation Tips for Parents/Guardians
Help them to get back to their routine: Students can be apt to forget their routine while enjoying the holiday, therefore it is your responsibility to encourage and remind them about commencement of daily routine such as going to bed on time, rising early etc. During holiday children tend to be lazy, retire to bed anytime and rise late.

Set the Alarm for them: Help them to set an alarm as to when to rise and get them ready on the big day of back to school.
Get them Ready: Endeavor to get them the necessary school items/materials before they return to school.

Remember to pay for School Bills on time: If possible get their school bills and other necessary bills ready before they return back to school to avert disturbance by the school authorities.
Get them help: Find out the subject (s) that appears difficult to them and enroll them into summer coaching or employ a home instructor that will put them through and to enhance their knowledge on that particular subject prior to school resumption, Tanner Nelson comments that ‘learning doesn’t stop when school does’, therefore reviewing your children’s schoolwork and asking them questions to know how you can help them is very important because some children can be reluctant to talk about it without being asked.

Encourage them to boast their moral: Mostly, when the big day finally arrive, some children tend to be nervous while some will be excited, it is your responsibility to motivate and stimulate them if they are nervous because it is normal for some children to be jumpy regarding going back to school. Talk to them about sweet and good stuff that happens in the school to ease their nerve and you would see that they would become excited about going to school again.


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