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Ibps Specialist Officer Preparation Tips

Updated on July 29, 2013

What is Ibps and how it came into existence?

After independence all banks became nationalised. Government wanted a authority that can take care of recruitment of officers in these bank so Personnel selection board came into existence which took care of recruitment in these banks.


However as time changed, demands also changed which require overhaul in selection process of officers in bank Keeping that in mind Personnel selection board became Ibps. IBPS mean Institute of banking Personnel Selection. Ibps now conducts exam for all bank including nationalised bank, rural bank and others.

When ibps specialist officer first conducted

When ibps conducted ibps po and clerk exam, it became very successful. After that ibps thought to conduct ibps specialist officer exam. This exam was being conducted from year 2012.It is conducted for all nationalised bank of India which includes bank of India, bank of Baroda, Indian bank, India overseas bank, exim bank, Allahabad bank and other.

Actually these bank are nationalised bank and they require chartered accountant, it officer, Hindi officer for doing specialised functions in bank. Previously they used to conduct separate exam for this specialised officer. However, after ibps used to conduct exam on behalf of all nationalised bank, they stopped it. Now they recruit these officers through ibps.

Ibps specialist officer preparation tips

Whether you give specialist officer exam or po or clerk. Something remain common in ibps exam. There will be four section-reasoning, numerical ability, English and professional section. Professional section contains question related to your specialised field you have chosen like ca, it etc.

  1. There are four section in IBPS Specialist officer exam. It can be seen from the table below. Total marks is 200 and time is 120 minutes(2 hours).This is quite different from IBPS po or clerk where there are 5 section. In place of professional skill, there happens a general knowledge section and computer section.

Sectionwise Marks in IBPS exam

Numerical Ability
30 minutes
30 minutes
Professional Skill
30 minutes
30 minutes

2.Professional section syllabus is very vast as it is related to your study. There will be 50 questions in this section. As you have studied this all your degree time, therefore there should be no difficulty in this. First of all, prepare all the basic things in your subject. For this you can take reference of previous ibps specialised officer paper.

3.Start preparation for this exam in advance before 6 month. Cover all professional book chapters wise. As there are only 50 question, you can’t expect what will be asked.

4.When you are done with it, see previous year question papers and solve it with no time limit. After some time, when you feel confident, solve it with time frame. After solving these practice section, see which questions you have corrected and which marked as wrong. Don’t try to repeat these mistakes next time.

5.It is normally seen that specialised officer aspirant become over confident and give very less important to other three sections. As they remain in the habit of it from their college days. Still I will suggest you to prepare it very well. You can score very well in professional section .However only this three section will be deciding point in your exam. If you have prepared well for it, it will fetch you higher rank in ibps exam which will help to get calls from popular banks.

6.Some publications come out with ibps preparation books for specialist officer whether it is CA,IT or Hindi officer. Do read these book as it contains some material about this exam and papers.

7.As I have told you before, numerical ability section needs special importance to get higher rank in this exam. For this I have written useful hub titled ibps numerical ability preparation.

Numerical Ability

8 As I have told you before, numerical ability section needs special importance to get higher rank in this exam. For this I have written useful hub titled ibps quantitative aptitude preparation tips .

Numerical Aptitude
Numerical Aptitude

Reasoning Section

7. After numerical ability comes reasoning, Reasoning is not like solving mathematical question. It requires good logical skill to solve this section. For reasoning section preparation you can see the
my hub titled ibps reasoning preparation tips .

English Section

9 English section is scoring section for ibps. If you are just vigilant and prepared well, you can score well in this section. For that you can solve previous year English section in ibps by keeping time limit. Try to right as many question as you can. Improve it with every practice.

At Last

Ibps specialised officer exam is not tough to crack. It requires just whole hearted dedication from you. Therefore follow above tips and try to give your best.Best of luck to all for this exam.

Check out some tips for IBPS exam In this video


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