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Identifying animal medicine direction

Updated on December 27, 2012

Native American medicine

In the previous hub pages you got your first simple lesson how to select your power cards.

As was explained animals can give insight to the mysteries of life and their medicine are catalyst for healing body mind and spirit.

It must be emphasized that the meaning of the medicine cards are read according to the direction on which they fall as each of these direction has a meaning that impart animal medicine to learn on the journey on the path.

There are seven directions surrounding the human body. East, South, west, north, above .below, within. A totem animal must fall on each of the directions. When you choose your card you must identify the directions on a piece of paper. Put east on the piece of paper first. In the east lies the entry point for the golden door through which the spirit enters. Second card is south, third is west, fourth is north, fifth is above, sixth is below, and seven is within.

There are two other totem cards that go to make up the power nine totems these animals will come to you maybe by way of a dream. These cards will go to both sides of the seven totem cards and are understood as beside you.

In animal medicine directions are of uttermost importance as you will need them when you start using various spreads and for understanding the theory of the medicine wheel.


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