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Identity Debate

Updated on August 21, 2011

Who are you becoming today?

I am particularly interested in hearing my readers views on identity. What defines who you are now and where you are going in life.

What are the limitations and freedom in defining your identity.

Erik Erikson a great contributor to modern psychology describes having an identity crises

not knowing who you are , and am just beginning on studying his work, others have added to his research, but am keen to hear from ordinary people, without the scientific conclusions.

What sets you apart from the person sitting next to you apart from the obvious?

I have also heard that your character is really what defines who you are. Have you observed or found yourself acting a certain way around certain people and acting differently around a different set of people?

Interested in exploring this subject from different angles, eg, your personal background that includes your family, your current social or economic status, your highest level of mainstream education, diploma or degrees. What criteria defines who you are and why.


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