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Ielts Speaking Model: An Old Person - Part 2

Updated on June 14, 2013


Ielts Speaking Model: An Old Person - Part 2

IELTS(International English Language Testing System) is the world's leading test of English for higher education, immigration and employment. Below is a sample question and model answer for the topic ‘An Old Person’

Describe an old person you know who you respect/admire

You should say

Who the person is

How you know the person

What the kind of person he or she is

And explain why you respect/admire the person

There are many old people that I admire but I would like to talk about my neighbor who is a 74 year old woman – her English name is Rose. When people see her for the first time their first impression of her may be that she is grumpy and really unsociable however once they get to know her they would realise she is a really good person – I guess the reason is cuz she doesn’t really like to smile.

She has snow white hair and her face is covered in wrinkles. Her back is a little hunched and uses a walking stick to support herself while walking. The reason why I’m so fond of her is because she is a fantastic cook – she lives alone so I would often eat at her place since my parents are workaholics and don’t get home until like 10pm. My parents still don’t trust me to be home alone.

Furthermore she has a really open mind and is not traditional - this makes her easy to talk to. She is the only person over 70 I know that is able to use a computer. She even knows how to buy things from the interest and chat using internet chatting programs.

Rose is a wonderful person and I’m sure you would like her if you meet her.


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