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Ielts Speaking Model: Hometown - Part 1

Updated on June 14, 2013


IELTS(International English Language Testing System) is the world's leading test of English for higher education, immigration and employment. Below are some sample questions and model answers for the topic ‘hometown’.

Where do you come from?

Well I guess I could begin by saying I was born and brought up in Ningbo, a city that is located southeast of Zhejiang province. I would say it's a rather wealthy city since there are many high-rise buildings with the most modern architectural styles and many people drive expensive cars such as Audis. Another significant characteristic is that my hometown is a great place for shopping because there are a plethora of shopping centers and department stores where people can purchase goods.

What tourist attractions are there in your hometown?

As a famous historical city, Ningbo boasts about having attractive landscapes and rich cultural relics, there are two places that are especially worth visiting. In my opinion the most popular tourist attractions is Tianyi Pavilion - the oldest surviving private library in China, even Asia. I also shouldn't forget to mention Baoguo Temple which is one of the oldest and best-preserved wooden Buddhist buildings with a unique design and impressive stature.

Would a foreign visitor enjoy them?

I’m have no doubt in my mind that most foreigners would be absolutely amazed by the beauty of the two landmarks that I have mentioned. Not only are the insides of these attractions wonderful, there are also many souvenir stores, so they could buy gifts for their friends and family. Furthermore there are also many food stands so that visitors would be able to taste the delicious cuisine of my hometown.

Did you learn much about the history of your hometown in school?

Well, I’m in high school now and the teachers don't teach the history of my hometown because we focus on the content of the College Entrance Examination and my hometown’s history is not apart of the syllabus. But when I was in middle school my history teacher did briefly teach us about Ningbo’s history and to be honest I’m not very interested in it.

What do you think needs to change in your hometown?

As you know China has a population crisis and Ningbo is no exception. There are way too many people so the roads are usually congested during peak hours and department stores are generally quite crowded if there is a sale. To overcome this problem, maybe we could widen the roads and construct more shopping centers.

What place(s) in your hometown do you go to in your spare time?

Well I guess I would have to say that it really depends on the situation. If it is during the summer or winter vacations it’s quite possible I might go on a trip with my friends to a neighboring city. You know many young people these days like to travel. Where as in contrast if it’s just a normal weekend I may just go to the local basketball court and shoot some hoops with my buddies.

Why did you choose to live here/there?

Like most of my friends I didn't really have a choice in the matter. I was born and raised in my hometown. My parents work there and therefore I also live there. If I had a choice I might move to a bigger city because mine is a little boring - there is a real lack of entertainment facilities.

What do you like about your hometown?

Well the main thing that I’m fond of would have to be the food. I am absolutely crazy about the local cuisine – Ningbo sweet dumplings are a delicious delicacy that you can only find in Ningbo. Furthermore I am also a huge fan of the public transport. The buses in Ningbo are cheap and reliable so they are a very feasible way of transportation.

What do you think needs to be done to make your hometown a better place to live in?

In my opinion there is a huge problem with the population. There are way too many people especially during the holidays. Everywhere you go there is a herd of people. A good solution to this problem may be for the government to advertise other cities in China that doesn't have so many people so Ningbo citizens would migrate there.

For you, what benefits are there to living in a big city?

Well the first thing that came into my mind would probably be the quality of education. Schools in big cities are light years ahead of schools in rural areas. An example would be that some countryside schools don't teach English as a second language, whereas in cities, English is a compulsory subject. Another thing I would comment on would be the shopping. The city has a large number shopping centers and department stores while on the other hand towns may only have a few.

What facilities does your hometown have?

As far as I know Ningbo has many outstanding facilities but I would say that the hospital would be the most useful. Ningbo is quite a developed city so obviously the medical equipment in hospitals is technologically advanced. I guess another useful facility would have to be the libraries which provide people with books of all genres to people of all ages.

What sorts of buildings are there in your hometown?

Like most cities, mine is filled with 2 types of buildings, the first one is of course apartment buildings where people live; most apartment buildings in my city are normally over 6 floors. The other type would be commercial buildings such as offices buildings or retail stores since people need to work and purchase goods.

What's the most attractive part of your hometown?

Well, I guess the theme parks would be quite attractive to most tourists. The theme parks in my city have a variety of rides for people of all ages from roller coasters to merry-go-rounds. Furthermore, I guess the food would also be quite appealing to many people, Ningbo has a delicacy called sweet dumpling which is quite famous also the seafood is quite fresh because my city is located near the sea.

What forms of transport do visitors use to come to your hometown?

Of course people would use a mixed variety of transportation when visiting my hometown. However, I think the most commonly-used would potentially be buses. The explanation for this could be they are cheap and reliable. As well as buses, I guess the second most popular transport would be to drive a car which is really convenient if you plan to drive to tourist attractions rather than join a tour group.

How could your hometown attract more visitors?

In my opinion, if the government invested more money on keeping the streets clean, it would be a fantastic way to attract more people – people want to see a clean and beautiful city, but mine is a little dirty in some places. Another possible approach may be to do some advertising of the city on the television or the internet, making the city better known to people.

Has the weather in your hometown changed much in recent years?

Absolutely! When I was a child the summers were definitely not as muggy as they are now and the springs are relatively cooler. Where as in contrast, nowadays the temperature in summer can get as high as 45 degrees Celsius and even during spring, it is hot enough to cook an egg on the pavement. I guess this is due to global warming which is an issue world wide.

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