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If We Believe In Our Dreams, They Also Believe In Us!

Updated on November 30, 2009

We all have what I like to refer to as 'bummer' days. People that go around with fake smiles on their faces and constantly talk about love and light and other good things are not being totally realistic or honest with themselves. Do not misunderstand me! I am very much into 'positive thinking' and I practice as well as teach the 'universal law of attraction that is such a popular topic these days. I frequently read The Secret and have many such similar books.

I do my best 'not' to dwell upon negativity and I am constantly working at keeping my thoughts and feelings as positive and focused as I humanly can. I do this because I know that what we ultimately think and dwell upon, eventually makes its way to our third-dimensional experience and reality. What I am getting at is that to be human implies imperfection, except perhaps for a few assorted ascended masters, angels, or highly evolved Et's. Imperfection implies that the soul has more needed lessons and experiences before it becomes perfect and is ready to move to the higher realms and worlds.

Lessons come through various conflicts, struggles, and obstacles that I believe we set up for our selves either to work off past life karma, to prove to ourselves that we can overcome and surmount any and all obstacles, or as is sometimes the case, we choose to experience such things for the mere 'experience' itself as part of our soul's evolution.

This being the case I do not see how we can go around being loving, positive, and upbeat all of the time. For those who manage to accomplish such a feat, I salute and offer you a toast. For the rest of us I also salute and offer a toast to our humanity and may we accomplish our goals, dreams, hopes and wishes. One vital step in any kind of success is to always believe in our dreams. Wonderful days come and go. Bummer days come and go, but it is necessary to hold onto our dreams, and not let anything deter us or they may very well fly off into the mists of oblivion and perhaps never return.

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with body, mind, spirit and heart that it is not always easy to hang onto and believe in our dreams. Lord knows I have enough personal experiences where I became so weary and tired that I just wanted to quit and give up. But in my soul and heart I have always known that to do so would be to betray my soul and I would have to come back in a future life to face the obstacles yet another time, and be given yet another opportunity to overcome and surmount them. And from what I read and hear, the lessons get harder and are more challenging the more often we do not advance and pass our tests so to speak in this lifetime. Who wants to have to come back and repeat our lessons? This retards our growth and one primal, human and soul urge is to advance forward, not regress.

Shakespeare said that life is like a play. We create our roles, our sets, and the characters with whom we interact. I find such wisdom very simple yet profound and I believe every word of it. I, for example, chose to be a tortured artist in this lifetime. The last one was 'hell' as a painter/model in Paris France and I did not achieve even enough success to support myself. I nearly starved and froze and I died very bitter.

In this lifetime I came back to work on the self-esteem and healing, and I came back as an artist again. Except this lifetime I chose to be a writer and paint with words instead of paints and palettes. Believe you me I have made many sacrifices for my 'writing dream' and am just now really moving at the pace I feel I could have been moving years ago if I had remained faithful and devoted to my dream. This is why I emphasize over and over that to be successful we must always believe in our dreams, no matter what, no matter come what may and come hell or high water as the saying goes. I speak from years of experience with talent with writing but too much fear, lack of self-esteem and confidence issues kept me from actualizing my dream.

Now I constantly write about, talk about and counsel my clients, doing my best to help them understand and get at the root of their issues so they can begin to heal and move forward. As a part of that healing naturally there will be 'ups and downs' as well as good and bad days. Hopefully in time the good days will begin to far outweigh the bad ones.

It is quite a challenge to always believe in our dreams, but the magic and good news is that our dreams have a life of their own. Part of our soul essence is infiltrated in our dreams which means they have a life of their own and our dreams can work magic for us. This will not make sense on a rational conscious left-brained level and it should not. Dreams, magic and miracles are all right brain intuitive based energies and force, who dwell on the invisible planes, which although not seen, are no less influential. Often these unseen, invisible realms are more influential than our every day conscious ordinary mundane 3-D reality.

To illustrate what I am talking about let me share a few recent experiences. Since my book of poems, Dawn's Kiss, came out, I have been working very hard at promoting it in many different ways. Nowadays it is almost imperative that new writers work with their publishers to help promote their books and get their name and books out there. Although the process is very time consuming I have been having very positive experiences with bookstores, managers, and other community relations people and so forth. That is all very nice and fine and dandy but I still have to eat and pay my rent and car payment monthly. Almost starving and freezing in my last life has made me most adamantly determined not to go that route ever again.

I have managed to support myself full time for eleven years now as a professional psychic/spiritual advisor and I do some singing telegrams as well to amuse and entertain myself, other people and I like the money I earn from them. Since I'm a writer it's very natural and easy to custom design a telegram for them, incorporating funny anecdotes, memories, etc. that the person hiring me wants to include. I dress as a court jester/elf, yes I wear black tights, and I wear a green pointed hat. And since I trained for opera in college I have a pretty decent voice and I love to perform.

Yet at this point I have not managed to up my prosperity and abundance mentality and consciousness to the point that I have money stashed away, except for a few hundred dollars here and there. Part of me thinks I set that up because part of me is the monk, hermit, dreamer who believes and knows I shall always have what I need when I need it. I am proud to say that such always turns out to be true, but sometimes I get tested, as I believe we all do, to see if I will always believe in my writing dream no matter what does or does not transpire in my personal life.

Every time I think the tests are over another one shows up and I find myself having to deal with my inner child and the old fears, hurts, and insecurity issues that I dealt with as a child. Last week was no play day in the park for me. I only had one telephone reading when I am used to getting much more than that. For the first couple of days I just ignored the phone not ringing and continued working on my book, my other writings and the marketing of Dawn's Kiss. By Saturday I was starting to feel that 'old panic' that I know so very well.

When that happens I tend to burst into a tailspin and my inner child starts to flip and freak out. Then my mind gets in on the action and starts coming up with all kinds of things like, "I'm going to have to take cash advances on my credit cards to pay my bills, I'm going to have to max them out to have food in the house. I might wind up on the street and then what good are my dreams?" The list goes on. We all have our lists. So as always the case (it's good to let the mind and emotions express themselves) I listen to this fearful part of myself and I try to demonstrate understanding and compassion. When the inner voice did not shut up by Sunday morning, the adult part of me intervened. "Little Michael, I said out loud as though speaking with a normal child. We must get a hold of our self before we do manifest something bad."

"That's easy for you to say. We've only earned $60 bucks in the past week when we're accustomed to several hundred. Bill are coming up in case you didn't know it?"

"I know and I understand, but we are going into our eleventh year of being self-employed full-time. Has the rent ever not been paid? Has the rent even been late? Has the car payment not been paid or been paid late? Has there ever not been food in the house?"

"No," my inner child replied softly.

(Yes, it can be very healing when dealing with our inner child to think and/or think out loud, and I know that my fellow think and talk out loud to themselves folks know just what I mean).

"Alright. Now here's the deal. You know as well as I do that God, and our spirit guides have always made sure we have what we need to keep body and soul together until we start to earn enough income from writing to fully support us. I am asking you to try to chill out some and trust me. As a matter of fact, I am asking you to go out on a limb with me and trust that everything is fine and we are going to be okay."

I immediately felt a little bit better and then I knew that today was to be a day of play. What child, inner or outer, does not like a day of play? I called my friend Leiah and offered to treat her to lunch at Golden Corral. Credit cards come in handy as long as we exert discipline and control and don't max out or abuse them. I am proud to say that mine are far from maxed out and they are always paid on time each month. After that we went to Walmart and I treated myself to five Dvd's that were on sell and the Forever Knight vampire TV series starring Geraint Wyn Davies that was out in the early nineties which I so much liked. I had never seen the series on DVD's, and there on the shelf was the DVD collection of all three seasons. I also bought wrapping paper as I wanted some more color in my apt and I always begin wrapping Christmas presents in October because I love looking at all the bright Christmas colors and I forget what I bought and wrapped up. I buy myself presents too, and yes, they get wrapped as well. I bought a few more things to wrap us as well. When I got home and unloaded all my new goody treasures I thought my inner parent would flip out and chew me out because I had spent $185.00 on my visa today.

For some reason I actually felt good about it. I know that I have not had a play day like that in a very long time. And more importantly I changed my energy. To bring about positive change we must 'change' our energy and get into the flow. Call it positive thinking. Working with the universal law of attraction, you name it.

I know this can be a challenge and many people will never have the strength to do such things or to stand up to their fears and not let them control or immobilize them. I also know that more people are beginning to believe they are the captains of their own ships and they can and do choose to take charge of their life. They choose to always believe in their dreams no matter come what may.

When our energy shifts, and there are many ways to bring that about. I highly recommend Lynn Grabhorn's very popular book Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting. It is full of such pointers, anecdotes and useful information and tidbits. I promise you that you can change your energy. This can take some time, effort and repeated practice, but I know it works for I have seen it at work in my life as well as in the life of many others.

I woke up the next morning which was Monday. I smiled as I looked at the new presents I had wrapped up last night and placed all over my living room, which I call the Christmas room which, by the way, remains 'christmasy' all year. For some reason I felt serene and peaceful. The phone did not ring. Nobody called for a psychic reading, a party or a singing telegram. I went to the computer to check my emails. There was a message from the book/gift shop manager at Serpent Mound which said. "I will send you a check for $120.00 today in the mail." He had ordered 12 signed copies of Dawn's Kiss to carry in his book shop. I knew that this was not by coincidence. Then I looked at a pile of papers and saw the check for $50 that I had received from Chase Visa last week as I cashed in 5000 awards points.

A little while later I had an urge to go through some envelops on a bookcase. When I came to one that said 'deposit' on it. I opened it and there was three twenty dollar bills. I did not recall putting them in that envelope. I was so flabbergasted that I touched them and stared at them for several moments before putting them in my wallet. Then I went back several times over the next few hours to prove to myself I did not imagine the money or was not losing my mind. Nope, they are still there. Could an angel have put them there? I say that anything is possible although I very well may have and just forgot. I know that money has appeared to me out of so-called thin air in the past many times when I needed it. Maybe there are money angels who do God's work and bidding! I am open to all possibilities.

A few minutes earlier I walked outside to move my car. I glanced at my huge potted tomato plant which was pretty much a goner, but noticed a few branches that were still green. Dangling on one of them was a baby tomato. I was so moved that I took a picture of it. This one little tomato wanted to live and it was its destiny to do so. Since it has not yet frosted, and we are into mid-November, I shall leave the little fellow there and be reminded of the beauty and value of all nature and all life.

Life is too short not to follow our bliss. If we do what we love the money always shows up. And remember if we always believe in our dreams, they also believe in us!

Michael Dennis (513) 281-5696 - author Halfway to Heaven, Dawn's Kiss, a collection of nearly love 200 poems that explores the many faces and facets of Love, and Morning Coffee With God, coming out from Ozark Mountain Publishing in early 2010. Cincinnati, OH. Profile: Psychic, Spiritual Medium, Author as seen on Fox, CBS, Jerry Springer, heard on MOJO, MIX, Q-102 radio in Cincinnati, Michael Dennis offers a variety of Psychic Readings to meet your needs. He offers In-Person, Telephone and Email Readings. To order his books or to book a Psychic Reading please contact him directly. Please visit his website at for more information or email him at


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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      8 years ago

      Goodness sakes, Yes, go for it. You just have em fill out a questionnaire and create one then sing it to an upbeat tune like Hello Dolly, I sing mine to THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

      If you set up I'll even mail you my questionnaire I created. They love em. Dress up goofy, take em a balloon, candy bar, copy of the gram on balloon stationary and let her rip. It brings lots of laughter, and they most always take digital pics, and the extra money is good. I charge $75.00 per gram because I personally custom design each one and that makes them special instead of just singing Happy Birthday to you, etc. Let me know how it goes.

    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 

      8 years ago from Arizona

      singing telegrams..thanks! I never thought of that.

      I think I'd be awfully good at it....

    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      8 years ago

      Yes I agree that lessons become harder as we progress. Alas, the selflessness can be a challenge at times, at least that is what I have experienced. Swimming back upstream (back to the source) I like that analogy very much. I use 'source' a lot in my writings. Thanks for commenting.

    • Electro-Denizen profile image


      8 years ago from Wales, UK

      Thanks for a lovely hub. Very accepting of the human condition. Bummer days as you call them do seem to be part of things, though frustration rather than acceptance tends to hurt me more I noticed! You mentioned lessons getting harder if you ignore them or don't pass them... I think that's true, but from what I understand, lessons also become harder the more one progresses, the level of selflessness and sacrifice required I mean. I've read it as 'swimming upstream' (back to the Source), which is a nice analogy.


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