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If You Give a Child a Postage Stamp

Updated on November 10, 2019

If You Give A Child ...

If you give a child a postage stamp.

Have you ever read the children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?” If you have you will remember that the cookie leads to milk, and so on. Well, the same is true of postage stamps. If give a child postage stamps it will lead to learning. They will need to learn some geography and history to identify some of those stamps.

You can collect stamps that say words like; Nederland, Pilipinas, Sharjah, Magyarorszag, Magar, Ryukyus, Nippon, Espana or Deutschland. We know from having collected stamps in the United States that this is either a state, providence, or a country name, but they are not countries, states or providence we have ever heard or read about. These words all have words that we have heard, such as; Spain and Germany.

Each postage stamp can lead you on an exciting journey.


Republique of Dudahomy


This postage stamp is from The Republique of Du Dahomy. Have you ever heard of the Republique of Du Dahomy? In our day this is the Republic of Benin. Benin is a country in West Africa. It changed it name in 1975. It is a country about the size of the state of Pennsylvania. Perhaps you have heard of Haiti. Most Haitians can trace their ancestors back to this country. A king that was a dictator of this country is featured on this stamp. It was a kingdom from 1670 to 1970. Now this country is a Democratic country.



This postage stamp has Magyarorszag printed on it. Every heard of Magyarorszag? The delivery stamp gives you a hint, if you know the capital of this country. It is the country of Hungry. The capital of Hungry is Budapest. Magyarorszag is the Hungarian word for Hungry. What the 5 Ft? The currency in Hungry is the forint. The abbreviation of Ft. is the symbol used to identify their currency.


Zhong Guo

Can you read the symbols? The symbolic languages, I know of, are Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic. It’s not script enough for Arabic so that leaves Japanese and Chinese. You will either need a book that identifies stamps or go to the internet. The Chinese call their country Zhong Guo, the Japanese call their country Nihon. Those words did not give us clues. There is no delivery stamp. Off to the internet, In the search bar wrote; what are the symbols/characters for the word Chinese. The only characters I could even begin to identify are the fourth one and the last. The others are too complicated. This postage stamp is for the Chinese New Year.


Sharjah and Dependencies

Sharjah and Dependencies, hum ever heard of them? The writing in the top left corner looks Arabic. The delivery stamp doesn’t give me any clues. Sharjah stands for the state of Arab Emirates or the United Arab Emirates. Sharjah and its Dependencies joined the United Arab Emirates on December 2, 1971.


A Queen

This postage stamp has a queen. E – R? Could it be England or Great Britain? Yes, the gracious queen is Queen Elizabeth of England.


Definitely Greek to Me

Beankoto oktaepa? Greece maybe? Definitely Greek to me. I believe I will start with the K as a currency symbol. The K lead me to Burma. The wheat and sickle symbol reminds me of Russia. Yes, it is Russian. It is in celebration of the 70th Anniversary of some kind of banknote?



This postage stamp gives us clues from the pictures. It is a person doing karate which means Japan or Korean. What does Ryukyus mean? Ryukyus is a group of islands in Japan. The Osumi, Tokara, Amani, Okinawa and Sakishima Islands.



The word Ceskoslovensko is near enough to the countries name now to figure it out. It was once called Czechoslovakia. In 1993 it became the two countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Republique Centrafricaine

I believe this postage stamps name is close enough to the American words to be easily deciphered. The Republic of Central Africa. This is a country in the very center of the continent of Africa.


The names of these awesome stamps can lead to hours of fun discovering their origin. Nederland, Danmark, Belgique, Magar, Jugoslavija, Ostrreigh, DeCote D Noire, Niger, Nippon, Espana, Togolaise and more.

I will include some pictures of the postage stamps in hopes you will enjoy a time of researching world history.



It is a part of Europe that we call Denmark.



This country we call Holland.


Republique of Burundi

Never heard of this country. Found it thanks to the Internet. It is located in central-east Africa.


Republique of Togoaise

I believe maybe Africa or the Pacific Islands. No, it is called Togo and is located in West Africa.



Is it even called close to this now? It is called Yugoslavia, Serbia now days.


Dampfer Bremen




Symbols again. - It is a Japanense island.


With the help of the Internet the task of searching out the names is much easier. Collecting stamps will keep a child entertained for hours. Maybe you or your child are interested in being a Philatelist.


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