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If You Read One Article About Influenza Read This One

Updated on January 11, 2018
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Vijoy has been a in the field of content writing for a decade gaining experience in various technologies and concepts.

All around the world, the outbreak of Influenza flu has caused a huge distress and with millions of lives at stakes, you need to take serious precautions for it.

So What is Influenza?

Influenza or common flu is one of the highly contagious illness. It occurs in adults and children of all ages and commonly occurs during the winter season as people spend more time in close contact with each other. The flu gets easily spread from one individual to another through sneezing, coughing, and touching surfaces. Each year, more than 200,000 people in the US are hospitalized due to the complication of influenza. Unlike other deadly diseases, this flu is very common among young people, older adults, people suffering from health problems like asthma, and pregnant women.

Widespread flu pandemics have lead to the death of many people worldwide and this occurs due to new strains of influenza virus which were formed from birds and pigs; thereby infecting humans who had no immunity against it.


What Are The Symptoms?

Influenza symptoms often appear suddenly and it consists of -

◼ Fever ranging from 38°C (100.4°F) to 40°C (104°F) and this can reach to about 41°C (106°F), at the initial stages when the symptoms develop.

Continuous fever, which might come and go. It is less for older adults when compared to younger adults and kids. But when the fever is high, then other symptoms will become more severe.

◼ Severe muscle pain and body ache which is common in the arms, back, and legs

◼ Extreme pain when moving your eyes

◼ Headache

◼ Running nose, dry cough or a sore throat. These are often not noticed in the first few days of the illness, especially when other symptoms are quite severe.


Symptoms Among Kids

You might need to be extremely careful with regard to the symptoms of flu among children. At times it could be a normal infection which has the same symptoms as flu, but you might end it getting it treated for influenza. Besides the normal symptoms, if the following are present, then you can confirm that your kid has influenza -

◼ Crying with no tears.

◼ Not consuming enough liquids.

◼ Unable to eat.

◼ Not interacting or walking.

◼ Having fever accompanied by rashes.

◼ Difficulty in urinating

Treatment You Need To Follow

You might be confused with the kind of treatment needed for influenza. Most individuals who are suffering from flu will recover within a week or two, especially without treatment. But there are chances of having a serious complication of flu. In that case, it is better to inform your doctor or physician. The following are the symptoms you need to watch out for -

◼ Having trouble breathing or feeling short of breath

◼ Extreme pressure or pain in the stomach or chest

◼ Having signs of dehydration and even dizziness while standing or not able to urinate.

◼ Continuous vomiting and unable to drink enough fluids.

Frankly, treating the symptoms of flu might help you to feel better, however, it won’t make the flu go away immediately. Some of the basic treatment you need to follow are -

Taking Rest: Make sure to take rest until you are completely devoid of the flu. This is quite important when the illness is severe.

Fluids: Consume enough fluids so that you aren’t dehydrated. The best method to see if you are having enough fluids is by viewing the color of your urine. Normally, your urine must be colorless or light yellow and if you are drinking enough fluids, you need to pass urine every two to three hours.

◼ Doctor: When you are suffering from severe flu, it is better to consult your doctor. Take the required medications and even if you feel relieved, meet the doctor and get the confirmation that you are completely cured.


Wrapping Up

Most people never realize that they are suffering from flu and even some end by taking medication which is antibiotics. Now you shouldn’t take any medications for flu until they are recommended by your doctor or physician because in certain cases, it might lead to serious health issue and complications. To be on a safer side, visit the nearest hospital or medical center when you feel that your fever is not reducing or if it is getting prolonged.

© 2018 Vijoy V


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