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If You Want to Know Your Universe Then Read These Books

Updated on July 24, 2019
Niranjan Mahajan profile image

Niranjan is an Engineering Graduate, and he is about to start his PhD in Cosmology. He is Bestselling Hard Science fiction Author

Our Mathematical universe:

A Masterpiece by Cosmologist, Max Tegmark. This book is the quest for the ultimate nature of reality. If you have questions like,

What is reality? What is our place in space? How big is infinity? What is our cosmic origin? What is multiverse? Then this book is made for you, and this will explain to you everything in an obvious way.
This book will tell you about what mathematical structure of the universe is and why math is everywhere. This book does not only make you fall in love for physics but also for mathematics too. This book will introduce a new topic for you about The Multiverse, and Tegmark explained the four levels of Multiverse in a very easiest possible way.

Einstein for Dummies:

Two pillars support the entire world of Physics. One is the Physics of smallest possible things, and second is the physics of the most massive possible things. Einstein, The Superman of Physics, invented the theory of relativity, which is the second pillar of physics.
For studying the Relativity, a higher-level mathematical background is must, But this book will explain relativity without using a single complicated term of mathematics.

Parallel worlds A journey through creation, Higher dimension, and the future of the Cosmos:

The answer to every question raised in your mind about the parallel universe will be found in this book.
This book will introduce some sophisticated physics terms like Dimensional Portal, Parallel quantum universes, and Hyperspace. But don't worry, the Writer of this book is Michio Kaku, and he is the genius of this generation.

The Hidden reality

When it comes to revealing the true nature of reality, a universal experience is deceptive. Brian Greene explained the parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos.
While writing this book, he has presumed no expertise in physics or mathematics on the part of the reader so that we can read this book and understand the hidden realities of the cosmos.

The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics:

James Kakalios created a Math free exploration of the Science that made our world. Do you want to learn Quantum Physics and do you want to talk like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory Television Series? Then this book will help you.
Each topic of quantum physics has been explained so well in this book that you will feel that you are reading a comic book at the place of the book.

The Grand Design:

Dr. Stephen Hawking, This name is the Brand for Physics. Read a chapter from this book and close your eyes, now recall whatever you have read from this book, and you will feel that you can imagine the universe in the virtual reality.
Although you are living in the 21st Century, I think that you must have come to your question about how our ancestors had seen this universe. This book will tell you how they visualized this mighty cosmos.


If you start reading a page of this book, then you will not be able to stop your curiosity about the Cosmos.
Astronomer Carl Sagan Wonderfully wrote this book that while reading this, you might feel like he is telling you his traveler's quest. This book will give you knowledge of how incredible the journey of the universe can be.

The Elegant Universe:

A passionate belief drives us all that the deepest understanding of the universe will reveal its truest wonder. It is dependent on Simplicity and the power of Principle. Brian Greene illuminated us about the complex topics of the Universe with clarity. Brian's writing allowed us all to stand in awe of its sheer beauty.

Origins by Neil DeGrasse Tyson:

What is the beginning of everything? What happened before the evolution?
This book is like a record of the past fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution. Dr. Tyson beautifully explained the beginning of our universe and the possible origins of the Multiverse.

Brief Answers to the Big Questions:

We all seek the answers of questions like, is there a god? Is time travel possible? Is there other intelligent life in the universe? How do we shape the future?
Before the death, the World's greatest scientist Dr. Stephen Hawking answered the answers to some of these complex questions.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Niranjan Mahajan


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    • RUCHI  DHIMAN profile image

      Ruchi Dhiman 

      11 months ago

      precise work.


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