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Ignore your fears and worries and do- that just one thing

Updated on October 20, 2014

Hot advice on fear

Fear exists only in the minds of people that choose to depend on it. It does not exist in the mind of those that want to change the world for better.

Do not let the fear of not having distracts you from enjoying the little that you have.

If you live in fear of the future because of what happened in your past, you will end up lossing what you have in the present.

Stop letting fear rule your life.

What’s your greatest fear?

What’s your greatest fear? Is it a virus like Ebola? Death? Bankruptcy?, Rejection?, losing your freedom? Career failure?, Divorce or commitment in relationship? Is it plane crash or cancer?, Maybe it is an object fear “phobia” or the long time and the almost frustrating effort and stress you will go through in order to lose weight or stop that addiction of yours. Be it something that hunts you for real or your imagination, I m pleased to inform you that your fear is not these things I just listed or may have omitted but the inertia in you that is stopping you to expand and make the effort in order to overcome the perceived threat that is running you now.

Don’t get hooked on that which appears real in your mind as the huddle or the heck on your dream. Dare to ignore that which you fear most as you face the challenges life presents, concentrating only on the things you can do and control, sure enough I bet you, the death of fear will be guaranteed. The gist of this article is to let you rise from the fear of acting on whatever action that is required to enable you get whatever you have always desire.

After Earth Fear is NOT Real

As fear has it

A circle of fear is being created and harvested subconsciously by people all over the world from one civilization to the other. Fear as an agent of social control is manifesting in the lives of many people. I supposed it stems from the consequence of original sin. Having taking advantage of the infinite capacity to explore and the free will to do whatsoever, mankind has wonder and wanders around the universe with his power of imagination but his fear is mostly the things he hasn’t been able to deal with yet. I believe this circle is promoted by the agents or forces idealized by men to keep his fellows under control and then fused with institutions that were meant to enable mankind fit properly into the world and freely habitat it.

One by one from the family where fear is used to channel a child to do the right thing all the time to the next institution be it school or religious gathering where the child is taught “do’s and don’ts” . These students are transporting their fear into the fields of their chosen professions, as the next generation of sales representatives, doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, teachers and company staff or managers. Hence we have generation or workers and parents armed with all sorts of elements of fear and the very reason to keep them.


There are many work of writings arguing that although, fear is attached to risk that operates at a personal level, yet, it pervades our society, the principle agent being the media and our belief system, the later helps to keep it running us on daily basis. “In most cases, fear is a learned response or social construct, picked up from the expectations of others” stated Michael R. Legault in his book THINK. He posits that people should develop empirical and intuitive outlook rather than only emotion while dealing with challenges.

The risk associated with events, things, people and places in our society to my notice exceed the will power, guts and responsibility to dare or live out of our comfort zone in order to attain our optimum performance level. The good news is that we can unlearn some of these associated fears and move out of our traditional ways of viewing and responding to the world around us.


Fear, Success, & Creating Reality

Check your fear

What are you really worried about?

See results

Our take

It may be worthy to state that anticipating risk or what the experts called risk analysis should not create fear, rather it should empowers the human family to equip themselves with the necessary tools involved to lead ourselves to fulfillment in life amidst the complex environment and its daunting socio-economic challenges.

“Risk, actual not perceived, is a reality” stated Michael. The challenge is not to ignore it, but to see it for what it is and address it. The most daunting barrier for most people is often not the risk or danger in itself. It is what the risk will entails- “effort” for many this is leaving their comfort zone. People usually don’t like change until they are forced by negative circumstance. The main goal of this article is to challenge you to take that just one step you have always thought about and I assure you that the death of fear is certain and the road to your dream is assured.

Fear is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to both seen and unseen threat. Expert called it “fight-or-flight response”. It has been reported that fear is almost always associated with future events. The normal or immediate fear being the basic genetic form of fear relating to what we are feeling now or seeing is understandable, but the common fear is worries people go through relating to mostly future occurrences should be carefully tackled and resolved because it has controlled generations of people till date and drains people’s energy.

Worries, as it were; maybe thoughts, images, emotion of negative outcome informs the mind of eminent danger more also, worries have been the chief engine that prompted people in the past and now to take precautionary measures and spur majority of man’s innovation. But excessive worry is the main component of generalized anxiety disorder according to studies. The mass of the brain that are needed to solve problem are now being used for worrying. The consequential side-effect of this has been reported from students crying while taking exams up to CEOs and top executives of big firms committing suicide between or after board meeting. Being in a state of worry is harmful to both our mental and physical wellbeing.

Do not let the fear of not having distracts you from enjoying the little that you have. It is generally known that people get worried over events that are in distant places and responses to rumors have sent many to hospital than it has sent to places where the authenticity of such news would be verified. The only solution to worries is to concentrate on the things that need to be done and take them head-on, one at a time and by so doing, your attention will be shifted to the solution instead of the problem itself.


Lets face it

I would like to conclude by saying that fear shouldn’t be an excuse for anybody and if you have any fear or worries over anything, forget the fear and list down what you are required to do, take the steps necessary to reach that goal and I promise you, “Hurray!” wouldn’t be far from your thought. A life built on subjective feelings is usually dominated with worries. Instead secure your life with objective and empirical knowledge about the world and how things work.


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    • profile image

      GreenPrince 3 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by skperdon. You really do not have to fear anything except something dangerous. Choose your path, get a vission, plan for the necessary steps and take action immediately, doing one thing at a time.

    • skperdon profile image

      skperdon 3 years ago from Canada

      Great hub! I'm always afraid of something or other.

    • GreenPrince profile image

      Prince Edike 3 years ago from Philippines

      Nothing can be further said than the above. More also, lets not forget that the best in a man is always in a dare need to surface. And the only time it does is when the bearers of the gift is bold enough to embrace the odds on his way and leap into uncertainties, while remaining focus on his direction and values. Many that has had it this way speak of the excitement that comes thereafter.

    • Goodpal profile image

      Goodpal 3 years ago

      Pure material and consumer life is empty and unsatisfactory. If people leave their comfort zone and take a step beyond the limits of sense stimulation, they have a whole new world of deep satisfaction waiting for them. But as usual fear stops them. Challenging the limiting beliefs is the biggest risk in life, few can take.

    • GreenPrince profile image

      Prince Edike 3 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for stopping by Goodpal. I can actually feel the same spirit that made me wrote the hub in you. Its time for simple people to do great things amidst fear of the unknown.

    • Goodpal profile image

      Goodpal 3 years ago

      Great Hub - motivating and uplifting as well. The two sentences summing up the essay nail the truth:

      "A life built on subjective feelings is usually dominated with worries. Instead secure your life with objective and empirical knowledge about the world and how things work."



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