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Illinois Learning Standards for Public Schools

Updated on January 21, 2012

The Illinois State Board of Education adopts the Illinois Learning Standards (ILS) for the state's public schools. Teachers and parents should closely following the Illinois learning standards while educating their students and children.

The Board of Education originally adopted the Illinois Learning Standards in 1997. These standards have actually changed only once, as of August 2011. The English and Math Learning Standards changed in June of 2010 to reflect needed changes for students to prepare for a college education.

In all, the current Illinois Learning Standards are comprised of the following main areas: English, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Physical Development and Health, Social Science, Science, and Social Emotional Learning. There is also a separate and more general set of Early Learning Standards for younger children that does not fit into a specific subject area.

Perhaps for budgeting reasons, the Illinois State Board of Education does not provide printed copies of the Illinois Learning Standards. Rather, you can go online to the main web page for the standards (see the link in the Resources below) and look to the right. You will see links to the standards and may access them and print them off if you want to make a paper copy.

On that page, you can also access the older English and Mathematics Learning Standards in the same area of the web page where it says "adopted in 1997." These are available for historical and comparative purposes but are no longer applicable. Of course, there is some overlap in the new and old English and math standards.

Note: The English and math standards are also called the "New Illinois State Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core." This is a bit confusing because the older standards in other subjects do still apply even though they are technically not new standards. The Common Core Standards are like model standards for English and math that have been adopted by states like Illinois. You may track the progress of which other states have adopted those standards on the Common Core State Standards Initiative website.


Illinois State Board of Education: Illinois Learning Standards

Common Core State Standards Initiative


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