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Imagination, Curiosity and Creativity

Updated on July 6, 2013

Dear readers, since our childhood we have spoken and heard these three words very frequently. Sometimes we even substitute them for each other, which is actually inaccurate. Let's see the difference between these three and what can they do when work together.

What is Imagination?

First of all, let's look at the word Imagination. Imagination is a state of mind in which we or our thoughts develop a scenario which is very different to reality and often is not feasible in real world. Its Psychological explanation is something developed in mind which has no relation with beliefs whatsoever. However it has a very complex relation with our memory and they tend to effect each-other. Well this is kind of a definition or explanation for Imagination. How it actually works? We will look at it in the later part of this article when we shall combine all three together.

What is Curiosity?

Curiosity is a quality found not only in humans but a lot of animals. It is process when someone is interested in things going around him and wants to know more. In which case that person uses different ways to know, understand and learn. For example, you have read this article so far and curious about what will come next and how are they related. In other words you will scroll down and read to know more thereby understanding and learning the difference and how they work together.

What is Creativity?

We saw what is Imagination and curiosity. Now let’s talk about creativity. Definition of Creativity goes something like this. An invention or making something new which is useful thereby valuable. From this we can say that creativity is a thought put in action and brought to life in this world in such a way that it can be useful to the society. It can be materialistic or conceptual. Example, Right Brothers said “Hey lets fly like birds.’ In order to make this statement reality they went through a huge process of understanding, brainstorming, designing and developing at the end of which they came up with a design which was able to take us in the skies and make us feel like we are flying. Another example may be Leonardo da Vinci. While thinking he might have thought “Hey can I have all emotions expressed in one painting?” as a result of his efforts to bring that thought to life ‘Monalisa’ was created.

While surfing through TED videos, I came across a very interesting clip by David Kelley about "How to Build Your Creative Confidence?" He gives tips and tricks, tried, tested and approved by different Psychologist.

David Kelley @ TED: How to build your Creative Confidence?

How do they work together?

Once upon a time there was a man who was interested in rats and mice talking like humans. Is it possible? Certainly not, it was an Imagination. Now that man was willing to know if there is any way to make it work? By asking this question, the man was actually being Curious to know more about possible ways to bring his imagination to reality. After bringing all those pieces which he collected while being curious he created a series of motion pictures known as Mickey Mouse. We all know who that man was don’t we? Yes you are right, we are talking about Walt Disney.

The whole world has an example of what these three words can do if they work together in a proper way. Imagine, Be Curious and Be Creative. It takes a little time to reach the destination but once done it has the ability to create wonders.

I have tried to come up with the best possible example which is known to everyone very well. Please let me know how did you find it?



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    • Loreal Harris profile image

      Loreal Harris 2 years ago from Crown Point, Indiana

      Tres amazing :) I love it! Using my imagination is my favorite pastime :)