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Immense patience is required to photograph the Aurora

Updated on October 31, 2015

The Beginning | xauracreatorx


Fuentes de Información - Aurora Boreal y Polar


northern hemisphere summer and around


Aurora – Northern lights

Immense patience is required to photograph the Aurora. One must be ready with 35 min DSLR cameras, a cable release and a tripod and also selection of dark nice location because Aurora can occur in seconds. The high end expensive digital SLR cameras can be used to get the best possible result.

The Auroral ovals are born around the Arctic and Antarctic Circles. As the Aurora becomes more energetic, the ovals expand and seen in the skies closer to areas above and below the equator.

Electrons carried along with the solar wind strike atmos of nitrogen and oxygen. Atomic oxygen creates the green aurora, nitrogen emits pink red, blue and purple aurora, while the rare bright red and orange red aurora are produced from higher altitude atomic oxygen.

The energy out put of the solar wind travelling along the earth's magnetic field lines creates the pattern of Aurora. These are acrs, bauds, pillars, rays, curtains or coronas.

Aurora exists as oval shapes constantly over Polar Regions of our earth as well as other planets of solar system. The Aurora Borealis or `Northern Light' is viewed more often by all Australians, the `Southern lights' because there are huge land masses in northern hemisphere and most water around Antarctica.

The Auroras can be seen in the night and darkness. In Alaskan summers, the Aurora's cannot be viewed as the atmosphere is too light by the Sun. A Southern part of Canada and northern tier states are able to see auroras in the summer because night time' still exits. Late to early April is the best time to see Aurora in Alaska.

Auroras are called Geomagnetic storms. These causes havoc by creating immense surges on power grids, transmission levels, radio communications, navigation systems and satellite altitudes. Due to higher levels of radiations the astronauts must protect themselves in the space shuttles when Auroras are present.

Auroras can only exist only at above 60 miles from the ground and extend up to 200 miles high. It is an optical illusion appears to touch the ground.

It is difficult to predict the occurrence of Auroras. Efforts are going on by Scientists to predict the Auroras accurately.




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