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Updated on March 28, 2015

Immigration Reform ?

Immigration reform!

America 4 Americans !

Before I start this tirade I want everyone to think about the scenario I am about to put forward.

Imagine that you and I are both trying to raise and care for our individual child. One each!

In this situation there is only enough food for one, exactly one child! Keep in mind that one child must starve and only one can be allowed to survive. There is no compromise! Should we try to share both will starve. End of discussion!

Imagine that you have the only access to this food. Which child do you feed? I am sure that you are going to let your child die and feed mine. Am I correct? Of course, we both know that is not going to happen! If anyone should even attempt to say different I would boldly call them a liar! What exactly is happening to our country?

No one has any sense of loyalty anymore. Least of all, the millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, that have invaded our home. They come here and boldly wave their flags as if they were at home.

Part of the oath to become citizens requires that new citizens forsake their former countries and pledge allegiance to this one. Anyone that waves a flag other than ours should be held suspect as to their loyalty. In fact, it should be illegal to display a foreign flag except at official embassies. Anyone burning our flag should be arrested for acts of terrorism.

Due to some extremely stupid moves by our "elected officials" we have N.A.F.T.A. and other assorted trade agreements that the average U.S. citizens did not agree to and which have removed millions of jobs and sent them south and/or overseas. Now, in addition we have a “deal” in the works to allow free commerce with the pacific rim countries. More jobs lost? TREASON!

In time past when someone committed treason they were held to account. This does not hold if you are a politician. We are in the midst of a war that no one seems to see. Our country in being invaded from without and then destroyed from within with the eager aid of our elected officials.

In addition to this we have millions of illegal immigrants already here and many more to come. Just watch! We, the American citizens are supposed to simply stand and watch as these illegals take over our country.

As for the incredibly lame, not naïve, but lame idea that these illegals are simply working jobs that no U.S. citizen would have, that is a lie, plain and simple. They take many jobs that pay well above $10.00 an hour and more! Right now and, actually at most any time just about any American would take such a job. As for the low paying jobs that people claim no one wants, these were once done by the children of real citizens to teach them responsibility and allow them to make a little money when off from school.

The legal immigrants would never work for the supposedly paltry sums fools claim the illegals work for to begin with. They are taking even more jobs which are much higher paid and that our citizens could and should have. Now the same traitorous politicians that allowed this situation in the first place want to give illegals citizenship through amnesty. Join the military and/or simply go to school at the American taxpayers expense and you're in. WHY? Are they better than the millions of immigrants that came before them and went through the process as our LAWS demand? They come here, have a baby on our soil and we are not only expected to pay the bill for this, but allow them to stay because their child was born here. Their children should not be considered a citizen in the first place. It is more than plain that they know that giving birth here will make their child a citizen and use this to invade and remain in our country. They cry that we should not force them to leave because that would be unfair to their children, who might have to leave with them. Is it fair to us, who must foot the bill. This is sadomasochistic behavior. Sadistic on the part of the politicians; while they force the citizens to take part in masochistically paying.

They want to vote, Illegal! They want to work, Illegal! They want to become citizens without due process, Illegal! Many use the social security numbers that other illegals have already and sometimes still use, Highly Illegal! Plainly and simply, they are criminals, nothing less! Absolutely nothing more! The fact is that the politicians simply want to use these illegals as voters to win an office that they should not hold in the first place due to their selling out their fellow citizens.

Our welfare tolls swell every day and a large part of this is due to paying for the general upkeep and medical welfare of these same criminals.

NOTE: The allowance of S.S.I. Benefits and Medicaid to those who have not paid into the system to collect legitimate S.S. or “disability” benefits are simply cover stories for “welfare”. Some collecting these are not even citizens and deserve nothing whatsoever! It is not our fault or for that matter our problem that their countries might be in bad shape. It is also not our duty to care for them. That is the responsibility of their own governments or countries!

They form large protest marches to call for their rights. These are rights that are not theirs to begin with; they are here illegally. These marches and protest rallies are the perfect time to round them up and deport them! Instead they are given airtime on television.

Please understand that this is "not" a speech of hatred or the prejudice of an insane individual. I am afraid for my family, friends and country. We cannot care for our own and worry about the rest of the world too.

Whenever we actually do manage to send a few back they just return. They assume a new name and locate another social security number and they’re here once more. The people that assist these criminals in getting social security numbers and anyone who hires them without first proving that they are legal should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This should include jail time AND fines!

In war, “which this is”, they would be shot as traitors! We need to start collecting, in addition to fingerprints and photographs; DNA samples, retinal and vocal scans. Then if anyone is should be caught a second time they will be very easy to identify and we can put them in prison. Once in prison they could be made join public work crews and then at last pay their own way. Repeat offenders are people that have no respect for the law as their own conduct proves. The gathering of all this information and enforcement of the borders and immigration laws would in themselves create jobs for real citizens.

Illegals are not the only problem! As stated earlier, we cannot take on the cares of the entire world. REMEMBER WHOS CHILD ARE YOU GOING TO FEED FIRST! The numbers of legal immigrants allowed in our country should also be greatly curtailed, maybe even eliminated altogether. If whatever they have to offer is something we already have or can do, deny entry! We have our own unemployed to put to work.

There are many programs or incentives not offered to actual U.S. citizens that allow or should I say encourage immigrants to go to school with loans and even grants. "WE THE PEOPLE" are the ones to foot the bill for such insanity. They are offered tax shelters as well as loans and grants to start businesses that are not allowed for U.S. citizens. This is not only wrong it should be a criminal offense.

REMEMBER WHOS CHILD ARE YOU GOING TO FEED FIRST! This is treason against the American citizens. It is not politically correct to say things like (stop or limit immigration), but that is exactly what needs to be done in the U.S.A. Once again, I say there is only so much we, the U.S. citizens can do for the world. Many other countries have limitations as to how many immigrants can move into their countries. There is a sound and perfectly legitimate reason for this. They cannot afford to support them as well as their own citizens.

The U.S.A. and Canada are the only countries that have automatic citizenship for children born on their soil. Seems rather asinine to me! Immigrants, whether legal or not, DO TAKE JOBS, that U.S. citizens could fill and at this point in time need to have to keep their families alive.

Unemployment is a scourge in our country right now. Yet we continue to allow massive numbers of immigrants to migrate into our country and economy every single day. They are taking jobs that we need desperately. It needs to be stopped, NOW! The bleeding heart politicians claim be acting humanely when allowing this sort of thing. They are not! They are actually buying the votes of these criminals. Criminals that have no right to vote or even be here in the first place. Eventually there will such numbers of people here that we will not be able to support anyone, citizen, legal or illegal immigrants. That is a fact! So in closing, for now, I say, may GOD guide and bless America and protect us from the invasion that is happening before our very eyes and that no one seems to see.

Lloyd Thompson.


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