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Impermanence the words

Updated on March 27, 2016

Obstacle Cloudy Face

I am probably not to remembered, it was uncertainty, I am blind. I couldn't remain the way, it took a while for me to return back. Neon Light are everywhere. Something is pushing me ahead, I can imaging it is a sky, there is a dept. The dimensional push me one to another. I can't catch it. I have no sense of touching it to the cloud. My life goes on. Because there is too many obstruction, I falling into the space.

Many years ago, if I am not wrong, I am still standing between here and browsing facebook, if you ask me why I suddenly bring out this storytelling. I can tell you, our life is giving by the paradise. It is not for you, it is meant to myself. One day, you will probably thinking, will this happen to you? I can tell you, we all are doing the same thing, it maybe previously, it could be now, it could be many years later, it could be many life later on.

Why I came across today 21 Mar 2016 writing this? I shall know Squidoo long time ago, and, I have been go through many days, second, minute of my life, now, I can only writing here. Do you know, we are really doing the same thing all the time. Due to the reason, we are loosing our self control. It drag into difference dimension and then giving a direction in order to react to it. Did you know the day prisoner went into the jail, and after walk out from the jail. The transition between this two gap, the center part, some energy enforcement happen until he is able awake from it.

We know all of us have a beautiful face. But, we never know cloudy face surrounded by a block of obstacle, you have it, I have it. Many of us do. If you know it, you are luckily one of those giving a position direction into your life. You know what is smile, happiness, open heart, gracefully to one another, I will continue later on to my writing here.


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