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Importance of Knowledge

Updated on November 1, 2010

The Want to Know

Knowledge [nalij] - Understanding, comprehension, grasp, commend, mastery; expertise, skill, proficiency, expertness, accomplishment, adeptness, capacity, capability.

Antonyms - Ignorance

I heard from a student the other day the famous line that we’ve all come to know from young adults nationwide:

“I’m not going to use this in the real world, so why do I need to know it?”

I can’t really detach myself from ever having this mentality, because laziness overcomes every teen at one point. How in the world was an English major going to use Trigonometry ever in his life? What I’ve come to find though is that our attitudes should always welcome knowledge no matter how seemingly insignificant to our lives it to be. By asking why you need to know this asserts in a way that you already know that this information will in no way be of use to you. In other words, your saying your smart enough to know what you need, and don’t need to know. I’d say you must be pretty darn smart to know that. Part of what makes us human, and distances our humanity from other species is our innate awareness of ourselves and our ability to question. We eat, sleep, and reproduce. All animals do this. The only tangible reason we are different is because we can stop and think about why we need to do these things. Think about it. Why do you study? Why do you want to make money? Why do you want to be happy? Knowledge helps us understand these questions and to me is the key to our humanity. Every piece of information makes us smarter, makes us more diverse individuals, and allows us to make better well-informed decisions.

True wisdom comes through an understanding that you can never know enough, that you always need to know new things, and your constantly changing. The learning process is never over. Don’t limit your potential by believing that you can get through life fine with a small section of information needed to perform a career. Doctors, engineering, lawyers all continue to better themselves and learn from their peers even after their graduation. I know what your thinking, “Well yeah but why do I need to know ______. I just do see the practical use for it” That might be true, perhaps you’ll never have any use for that information. But you need to know it, to see, that you don’t, need to know it. It’s the mentality I’m talking about. You can’t help but reveal your own ignorance by negating knowledge. Be curious. Wonder. Ask why. Always have a thirst for knowledge. Remember that it’s not the know, but the want to know that makes a wise and intelligent individual. So go out there and learn! Share some random fact that most people don’t know in the comments below.


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