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Importance of Liberal Arts

Updated on December 30, 2017
Hamza Hussain1990 profile image

An MBA degree holder with four years of experience in marketing.My passion and love affair for writing is endless.

liberal arts and it's purpose in our everyday lives

Liberal arts courses help students in acquiring knowledge in a more broader and detailed spectrum.They have variety of courses such as philosophy,Sociology,Anthropology,Political Science,History and Fine Arts.Not only such courses mold the personality of an individual but it makes him realize the meaning of life and the understanding of the world we live in.For instance the study of sociology depicts about the cultural norms and behaviors of the society.A person couldn't learn this from studying maths or Chemistry.Sociology helps him in understanding the role of culture in your society.How different cultures could mix together?How culture could influence or play a part in bringing people of two different countries together?How one could learn the analogy of a person's behavior?The answer of questions like these is due to studying a course like Sociology.
"Whereas a course like Anthropology sheds light on human beings past and present,and the social and cultural world they inhabit.With the help of studying this course we could truly understand the civil right,human education and gender equality.A major issue in Today's society is the genderequality.Even today many countries haven't given the equal rights to women as compared to men.Whether it's workplace or home, women are still regarded as a minority while menare considered the superior gender.With the help of Anthropology a person can now question his rights.In olden times whit male policemen manipulated and unjustly treated the African Americans because they were weak and powerless but now with advent of such laws their has been a purpose to defend their livelihood and honour.

Psychology is another subject that has a great importance not only in Curriculum but as a whole in society.To study the human brain and to help individuals who are suffering from some mental disorder.These queries are answered by the help of studying Psychology.

"Fortune never smiles on those who say no".

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    • jonnycomelately profile image

      Alan 2 months ago from Tasmania

      Hamza, with great respect, I encourage you to keep writing. Practice will help you to improve and progress; bringing greater satisfaction and enjoyment.