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Importance of Time Management in a Student’s Life

Updated on October 9, 2019
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Rohit Kumar is a student of PGDM at Lloyd Business School, India. Pursuing final year of PGDM- SCM.

An academic year in any institute is planned in a manner that if executed properly no student will ever face the crunch of time and at no point will be over burdened by the tasks in hand. Still students are usually seen panicking during examinations due to lack of time for preparation. Such difficulties only arise due to improper time management.

Proper time management is crucial to those who seek productivity and efficiency. Students today have to deal with a lot beyond academics and all that has to be managed within the academic year. This makes time management all the more important so that students don’t remain limited in what they can achieve. A well-executed time management plan ensures the completion of all important activities while still leaving students with sufficient time to enjoy a healthy social life. Time management can save you from pressure and stressful situations as it leaves scope for corrective actions. Meeting uncertainties are also accounted in a time management plan.

Some students end up accomplishing a lot less when compared to others while they find themselves working extremely hard. The reason remains the same, if tasks are distributed over a span of time they can be completed with relative ease and with much more effectiveness leading to better results. Time is the only factor that remains the same for everyone. It is how effectively one utilizes time is what creates the differentiation.

Our education system is nothing but a very good example of what an effective time management plan should look like. The basic education that we receive is slowly delivered to us in an ever so organized manner, so that students with varying capacities can all easily absorb what has been taught and desirable behavioral changes can be imparted in them. At Lloyd Business School where equal focus is given on learning beyond academics, time management plays a very significant role towards achieving desirable outcome. A good time manager is also required to be good at multi tasking. Multi tasking not only helps completing tasks at a faster rate but also removes the monotonousness of the task in hand.

Although time management is a necessity for everyone but it becomes all the more important for students doing MBA as they are aspiring future managers. The primary role of a manager is to prioritize work and accurately judge the amount of time required to complete it. Only then can he/she pass deadlines and expect his/her subordinates to comply with it.

A key concern for most students is to make good additions to their resume by the end of each academic year. Planning a year in advance paves way for an impressive resume that is the key to distinguishing oneself from others when appearing for interviews.

© 2019 Rohit Kumar


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