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Importance of biology as a branch of science

Updated on December 1, 2010

Knowledge of biology can be applied for the welfare of human beings on different scales. There are many examples where knowledge of biology has proved very fruitful for well-being of humans. Below are some of the important applications of biology;

Immunization and vaccination:

Immunization is a term used to describe the process through which the immunity of human organisms is increased by vaccines. Vaccination is a term used to describe the process of giving vaccines to a subject. Vaccines are either attenuated living organisms or synthetic agents but they produce a common effect of increasing the production of antibodies in human blood. Human immune system is configured in such a way that whenever it is exposed to harmful agents, it produces antibodies for defense of the whole human body. Vaccines also stimulate the same effect but the difference is that vaccines are not harmful organisms. In past, death rate in human population was immense because of diseases but because of immunization and vaccination the death rate has been controlled and human beings can live a more healthy life.


Cloning is a process through which exact copies of a culture are produced for research or any other purpose. It is a very useful technique in conditions where the culture is rare or where greater quantity of sample is needed. Cloning also has huge potential in creating organs for transplant and even a copy of a whole living organism.


Another important application of biology that can prove very fruitful in future is hydroponics. Hydroponics is also known as water culture. In this technique, plants are grown not in soil but in a tank of water filled with sand and gravel. In this way human beings in the future will be able to grow plants in shallow oceans and rivers.


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      flora mae 5 years ago

      tnx for the info.:)

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      umer 5 years ago

      sari bakwas likhi hai

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      suvreen 5 years ago

      good and nice knowledege