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Importance of sleeping(specially when you are a university student)

Updated on October 11, 2015

When Will i get my eight hours? 5 sleep changes when you are a college-uni student

When i was a kiddo, I used to think that i was probably the only one on my loved group who enjoyed waking up at 7 am on Sundays, just because I couldn't stand spending more time at bed pretending i was still sleeping.

Eventually I grew and I was exactly the same, I enjoyed waking up on weekends, getting a showe and tried to be the perfect done girl. But hey... UNI

UNI is a deal (maybe thats the main reason why I wrote it like yelling). I have to say that this years, have been the most challenging ones. (I probably will dedicate one or more blogs to talk about that, the admission, moving, and everything involved about the first steps and the life as it.)

As Im talking about everything but the reason of the blog, Ill "start" saying that, my sleeping thing routine changed Everything I was used to. I don't know if I have always been kindda old but now, a 8 hours sleep is Way More Important that partying. YES AND IM ONLY 20.

I moved when i was admitted, so i go home every weekend, and one of the main reasons why I love going home is the sleeping thing. Like, to be honest, nobody told me that my anxieties would have anxieties, and i wouldnt be able to sleep as much as I wished. Staying at your Real Home is a big thing! (Listen high school people)!.

1. Bed?-A big comfortable king size bed is replaced for a new(or not) tiny thing we call"bed". Some people has to share bed room so thats why the king size is not part of your life anymore.

2.-CLEAN BLANKETS yessss please. Believe me the first months i used to change my blankets as much as i could, then quizes, homework, crazy shedules happened and everything changed. So when i go home, the lovely homey cleany smell is priceless. Thank you Mom!

3.- Rolling in the deep. Besides the fact that I love Adele, and that is one of my favorite songs ever. Rolling in the deep of your floor happens. When is summer is really hot, winter is too cold and it doesnt matter how fancy your air conditioner or your sheets are, your sleep night is not as good as your childhood naps.

4.- Goodbye sleep, hello test. I remember going to bed at time, being up at 11 pm was like the wildest thing I could ever do, now: studying, getting an 1 hour sleep time, studying, waking up, trying to study: give up and cry for my bed. Its like an intermittent thing where your heart and tired body is only waiting for resting

5.Party, no thanks. Bed? Yes Sir. Maybe Its not so common when you are in your freshman year, ahhhh life, those experiences are way cool. But eventually that time will come, and you will refuse a party or a drinking night, to spend a romantic time with your pillows. Wait.. Is it only me or is there anyone who its only waiting for bedtime at the moment im out of bed?

Well, Im not trying to scare You at all, live everything you need to live, every moment eventually will come. Be free and enjoy your young nights cause Yolo, but specially enjoy your home bed cause nothing ever will replace it, specially the loved sleep hours it brings.

Thank you for reading one of my sudden week blogs, how much i want to sleep that i needed to write about it at the middle of the week.Before the goodbye Ill leave you a lovely quote:

"Don’t worry if you’re not where you want to be yet. Great things take time."

See you soon! X


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