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walking to school in a hill town

Updated on June 4, 2015

If you live in a hill town , you can not escape walking up and down the sloppy trails. With changing times , scenario has changed a lot, yet school going kids, housewives have to walk a lot . Walking to school is a different experience ,allowing kids to mingle with nature . It also proves to be a good exercise if they walk to school instead of going in overloaded school-vans. Often , such green-paths or trails bye-pass heavy traffic thus mitigating danger of accident and pollution to the pedestrians, also saving fuel.

In hill towns , there are always short cut paths that save one’s energy and fuel. Insensitive and extensive building activities sometimes engulf such pedestrian facilities. At some places these facilities need eyes on path i.e. they need to have street mongers or vendors at lonely places to encourage inclusive planning. With increasing crime rate, safety of pedestrian facilities needs to be given equal attention.

Trails are an inherent part of hilly terrain. The American Hiking Society developed National Trails Day to inspire communities to use their trails, celebrate their com­munity, appreciate wildlife.

However, these trails or green-paths are a part of transport network and one hundred percent times they mingle with vehicular traffic or a railway line .Safe intersections at such places and continuation of safe walking from source to destination (especially school to home) should be there.

Lack of adequate public transit system , presence of environmental friendly green paths and difficulty faced by kids of these places to reach safely from school to home encourages us to think seriously on this topic.


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