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Improve Your French - Advanced Vocabulary - Agreement and Disagreement

Updated on November 27, 2012

Agreement and disagreement are key elements in debates and are generally so in expressing yourself! Here are some sophisticated ways of expressing agreement, disagreement and giving your opinions of other people's ideas. This hub will constantly be updated so if you feel there are missing useful expressions from the list, please comment below!

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Agreement and Positive Views of Ideas

Je pense que c'est une idée clairvoyante
I think it's a perspective idea
Je pense que c'est une idée perspicace
I think it's an idea which shows insight
Je pense que c'est une idée pertinente
I think it's a relevant idea
Un raisonnement imparable
An indisputable argument
J'abonde dans le sens de ...
I agree wholeheartedly with ...
J'accepte sans broncher
I accept / agree unflinchingly
J'accepte sans équivoque
I accept / agree unequivocally
Je suis un ardent défenseur de ...
I am a vigorous defender of ...
Un argument de poids
A forceful argument
Un argument qui se défend
A defensible argument
Un jugement sain
A sound judgement
Un jugement valide
A valid judgement
une idée nette
A clear idea
Une idée juste
A sound idea
Une idée persuasive
A persuasive idea
Une idée convaincante
A convincing idea
Une idée puissante
A powerful idea
Bien entendu
Of course
C'est sûr
Of course
Je suis du même avis
I take the same view
Sans réserve
Je dois reconnaître que...
I must concede that ...
On considère à juste titre que...
People rightly think that ...

Bad Idea

Du pur délire
Sheer lunacy
Un outrage au bon sens
An outrage to common sense
Un projet voué à l'échec
A project doomed to fail
To dedicate
Une stratégie qui s'avère inefficace
A strategy which is proving to be ineffective
To prove
Une idée aberrante
An absurd idea
Une idée dépourvue de sens
A senseless idea
Une idée hautement contestable
A highly debatable idea
Un argument qui manque de poids
An insubstantial argument
Un argument démenti par les faits
An argument belied by the facts
L'argument ne rime à rien
The argument does not add up
To rhyme
L'argument ne résiste guère à l'analyse
The argument does not withstand close analysis
little, not a lot
L'argument ne dépasse pas la surface des choses
The argument only skims the surface
Ce n'est pas l'unique piste à explorer
It is not the only avenue to be explored
track, trail, lead
Rien ne serait plus vain que (de) ... (infinitive)
Nothing would be more futile than (to) ...
Futile, useless, pointless
À quoi cela sert-il de ... ? (+infinitive)
What is the point of ... ?
Mieux vau s'en tenir à ...
It is better to stick to ...
Où veut-on venir?
What are they trying to achieve?
Dépassons ces enfantillages
Let's get beyond these childish ideas
Childish things, puerilities


Je réfute cette théorie
I reject this theory
J'y trouve à redire
I find things wrong with this
Faults, complaints
Je prends le contrepied
I take the opposite view
Il est illusoire de s'imaginer que [subjunctive]
It is fanciful to imagine that ...
Illusory, unreal, fallacious
Il est invraisemblable que ... [subjunctive]
It is improbably that ...
Improbable, unlikely
Il y a peu de chance que ... [+subjunctive]
There is not much likelihood that ...
Il est encore moins certain que... [subjunctive]
It is even less certain that ...
Il y a quelque exagération à affirmer que ...
It is somewhat excessive to state that ...
L'erreur serait de croire que ... [+subjunctive]
The mistake would be to think that ...
Il faut se garder de conclure que ...
We must be wary of concluding that
Contrairement à ce que prétend(ent) ...
Contrary to the claims made by ...
Qui pourrait soutenir que ...? [+subjunctive]
Who could maintain that ...?
Croit-on vraiment que ...? [+subjunctive]
Do people really believe that...?
To claim
To conclude

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    • Philanthropy2012 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from London

      Thank you ITlearning :)

    • ltlearning profile image


      8 years ago from Argentina

      helpful hub for a french learner student .

    • Philanthropy2012 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from London

      Ah hah de rien INFJay, I'm glad people are benefiting from them! :)

    • INFJay profile image

      Jay Manriquez 

      8 years ago from Santa Rosa, California

      Merci! I appreciate these mini lessons for improving my French.


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