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Improve Your Spoken English

Updated on July 26, 2010
English Speaking
English Speaking

It is said that English is the window to the world. It is a global language. In today’s society the people who can’t speak English fluently are looked down upon by the people. Also the people who are weak in English speaking face problems during job interviews, social get-togethers etc. If you are one of them then you have come to the right place. In this article I will give some tips by which anyone can improve their English speaking ability.

Tips for Improving Spoken English:

  1. For speaking English you don’t need to mug up a whole dictionary. But the need is to know the proper words and use them at proper places.

  2. When you are watching television, observe the mouth movements of the speakers. Repeat what they are saying, while imitating the intonation and rhythm of their speech.

  3. Pay special attention to 'S' and 'ED' endings. This will help you strengthen the mouth muscles that you use when you speak English.

  4. Read aloud in English for 15-20 minutes every day.

  5. Record your own voice and listen for pronunciation mistakes. Many people don’t like this however; this is a very important exercise because doing it will help you become conscious of the mistakes you are making.

  6. You can change the way you speak but it won't happen overnight. People often expect instant results and give up too soon. You can change the way you sound if you are willing to put some effort into it.

  7. Opting some English speaking course is good but do it carefully coz there are millions out there who want to earn quick money by claiming facts (like: guaranteed English speaking in 10 days). Most of such courses are fake. Remember one thing no one can teach you spoken English unless you yourself try to speak.

  8. Listen to English songs and then try to understand them. I would recommend Westlife, Robbie Williams, Abba, Skeeter Davis, Bryan Adams and Connie Francis among others.

  9. Another better way to gain knowledge of the language is to see a lot of English movies. When you listen to the characters dialogue in front of you then you tend to learn the language better. The characters talk with different moods and so people who listen attentively can learn the language better.

  10. Focus on removing the mother tongue influence that creeps into your English conversations.


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    • profile image

      Spoken English 

      7 years ago

      Thanks for the valuable education! You seem to have great passion for helping others..keep it up.

    • midnightbliss profile image

      Haydee Anderson 

      8 years ago from Hermosa Beach

      nice tips. when i used to work in a call center, i used to read the newspaper aloud to practice my pronunciation and watch english movies or shows to improve my vocabulary.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Welcome to Hubpages. These tips are pretty useful.

    • ankitkaulmachama profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Pune ,India.

      thanks :D

    • Teresa McGurk profile image


      8 years ago from The Other Bangor

      These are great suggestions. Good hub!


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