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Improve your GRE scores in 3 months with Quality Test Prep Materials

Updated on September 8, 2013
Choosing a date will help you will make the GRE seem real and allow you not to procrastinate.
Choosing a date will help you will make the GRE seem real and allow you not to procrastinate.

How to Get There

My Four Step Method

  1. Purchase some material(Links Below)
  2. Set a test date.
  3. Make a study plan.
  4. Take the test.

Improving your GRE score is a matter of training your mind. The Graduate Record Exam will test your strength as well as your endurance, but like training for that marathon you must have the proper equipment. Think of your testing prep materials as your pair of running shoes and also as a GPS that will direct you where to go. With a little training you can be on your way to that higher score.

Like all things in life, no GRE prep is the same. Some books are more watered down, I am going to give you a brief overview of what I know- because it worked for me. How much did it work for me? I tested on the new revised edition of the GRE a year ago and scored a 288 total. After my GRE work out, I scored a total of 323. So how did I do it?

I used a combination of the Kaplan and Princeton Review test prep materials. Seriously, I don’t work for Kaplan or any other GRE test prep company, I am just giving you my fair opinion. I have tried several different things, but I found that the Kaplan method is the most cohesive without many breaks in it. Another thing that helped me tremendously was Read, check it out, it is an amazing way to build your skills.

Choosing the correct GRE test prep materials is critical to creating a high quality study plan.
Choosing the correct GRE test prep materials is critical to creating a high quality study plan.

Purchase Some Material

Below is some testing material that will help you along your way. They are not created equal. I would definitely suggest the flashcards because they are what is going to increase your verbal score. There is a great site that will help will reading comprehension as well and it is called It’s free, but a great tool to help you practice daily.

Tips for flashcard use:

  1. Use them at the gym
  2. In waiting rooms
  3. Start small with 8-10 words a day Monday- Friday then review your larger set on the weekends

Set a Test Date

This allows you to make the test real. By being able to make the test real with a purchased date you are less likely to slip up and mess around. Like athletes you train up to the big day and you need to do the exact same.

Make a Study Plan

Create a roadmap to how you are going to achieve your goals. This is what I did for three months

  1. Studied flash cards daily, learning 8-10 words a day and reviewed them as a larger set on the weekends.
  2. Alternated Math and Verbal during the week. For example on MWF I studied Math on TR I studied Verbal and would flip it around the next week. This helped to keep me from not getting burned out on one subject.
  3. Take practice tests on the weekends. The first weekend I decided to take the test, so I could see where I was. Take a practice test once a month, block out a period our 4 hours and take the test like you would on test day. No distractions, no phone, no TV, and wear earplugs.

Take the Test

This is the big day and all your work has led up to this so make the most of it. Get some sleep, eat breakfast, wear comfy clothes, dress in layers, and bring ear plugs. You read it right bring your own freaking earplugs. You want your concentration level to be 100 percent and you’re not going to get it if you keep hearing the testing center guy keep monitoring the classroom. So bring your own earplugs. Check out the links below.

Is silence considered a sound?

Do you use ear-plugs when you test?

See results

So where's your head at?

What test prep materials did you use or plan to use?

See results


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