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Improving The Educational Sector In Pakistan

Updated on July 16, 2019

In a country such as Pakistan, where the majority of the population is comprised of youth, there should be great importance towards developing and improving the educational sector. After all, the children of today are the future of the country, the economy, and the world, so it is important to equip them with knowledge and skills that will help them become meaningful contributors to the world.
It is unfortunate to observe, hence, that there is an extreme lack of provision of effective education in Pakistan. There is a lack in the educational sector, which causes students to suffer and be deprived of a comfortable, meaningful, and enjoyable learning experience.

Recent Improvements In Education

Before we dive into the shortcomings of education in Pakistan, there are some commendable advancements in the standard of education in several schools in the country, particularly in urban areas, which are worth mentioning.

There are many schools and teachers in Pakistan that are dedicated to providing students with the best quality education within their capacity. Moreover, the introduction of technological educational methods and ERP systems in some schools and universities is a praiseworthy feat in a country such as Pakistan, which has lacked any advancements in education for so long.

That being said, the number of schools that lack basic amenities and resources far outweigh those institutions that are bringing about positive change. There is a long way to go in order to reduce these disparities, improve the overall educational facilities in the country, and finally achieve a standard of education that will be a source of pride and economic improvement in the country.

Problems In The Educational Sector

Here are some major problems in the Pakistani educational sector that must be changed in order for educational and economic improvement to take place.

Poor Infrastructure

Many schools do not have the proper infrastructure for their students. Shortage of space, broken down classrooms, and dimly lit, congested rooms are common in most schools. Moreover, it is common to see students packed like sardines in stuffy, overpopulated classrooms. This is a dire issue that affects many schools and educational institutions across the country. While this is a major problem in rural areas of Pakistan, surprisingly there are also schools within the urban areas which suffer the same plight.

Inadequate Resources

Apart from the foundational problems of many educational institutes in the country, there also tends to be a lack of resources. This includes basic classroom requirements such as desks, chairs, textbooks, chalkboards, etc… Many students in Pakistan attend school without owning a single notebook or pencil, which makes learning a challenge. Even more shockingly, understaffing is a common feat, with schools not having enough qualified teachers to support their large student population.

Gender Inequality

Unfortunately, gender inequality continues to be a reality in Pakistan, with the majority of the illiterate population being female. There are several cultural, societal, and financial barriers which prevent families from sending their daughters to obtain an education. In many co-ed schools, a huge disproportion between male and female students can be starkly noticed.

Unqualified Teachers

As mentioned earlier, there are several hardworking and dedicated teachers who try their best to provide their students with a quality education. However, it is pitiful to mention that there are just as many unqualified teachers. There is no standard for hiring teachers in Pakistan, so most teachers who are hired in schools are untrained and inexperienced. As a result, they are unable to provide students with an effective and comprehensive learning experience.

Substandard Teaching Methods

Due to the lack of qualification among students, and emphasis on board exams to memorize information rather than learn and understand, there is a prevalence of substandard teaching methods. Instead of encouraging students to learn concepts and critically analyze information, teachers place pressure on students to memorize, or to learn their syllabus through rote. As a result, students are unable to derive meaning from their education which can be translated into their real-life decisions.

Poverty Trap

Often referred to as the root of all evil in society, poverty continues to prevail in Pakistan, which prevents the improvement and spread of education in the country. Poor families do not see the importance of spending their meager income on providing their children with education and instead send their children off to work. As a result, these children grow up educated and continue the same patterns when they have families of their own. This leads to the poverty trap, which is necessary to break in order for education in Pakistan to progress.

Lack Of Funds

Similar to how many Pakistani families lack the financial ability to send their children to school, many educational facilities also lack the funds to improve their building, resources, staff, and teaching methods. Due to this lack of funds, schools are unable to provide basic facilities, such as classroom furniture, let alone innovative technological teaching tools and database systems.

Overcoming Pakistan’s Educational Struggles

The good news is that these struggles are not impossible to overcome. In fact, a strong educational system in Pakistan can soon become a reality, as long as the government and relevant educational bodies realize the importance of spreading education in the country. While it may seem easier said than done, it is necessary to make investments in the educational sector a priority, in order to benefit the current generation, as well as the future generations in Pakistan.


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