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Improving Your Teaching Technique

Updated on May 12, 2010

teaching Techniques


Improving your teaching Technique


If you are having less than desired success, do not place the blame on the students, or on the times. If you are having less than desired successes “do something different”.  

What do you do? Here is one suggestion that may give you greater success with this generation of students.

A simple suggestion that must be initiated with care is the recommended idea.

Ask them (the students) how you can better serve them. Do not use an evaluative form. Do not ask them as a class (en mass)

Pick a small number of students with whom you feel you can communicate without conflict (this is a very judicious process) If a discrete manner ask them sincerely, what should I do different to help you learn.

Also ask students who have moved on to the next grade level, what could I have do differently to make your educational experience better and more productive. Ask did I ever do anything that hinders your learning process?

Too often we as educators, let one negative educational experience overshadow ten positive experiences from the same day. As a result we fall into an attitude such that our paradigm becomes, this is just a job and I got mine it’s up to them to get theirs, and I am through doing anything extra.


I personally believe teaching is not a job. I believe teaching is a religious calling. I also believe that EVERY teacher employed is there by Divine Intervention.

Never give up on them


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