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In Response to: The Baltimore riots within the context of White Privilege by Cody Pogue

Updated on April 28, 2015

My Thoughts on The Current Unrest in Baltimore

Bigger Thoughts

Pogue says that white people have always felt they had rights that others didn't have, and that may be true. But, the black people have always been held back which is also true. In today's unrest in Baltimore it is about more than that. My thoughts on this are bigger than just our city. I do not believe that our kids, had the mental capacity to set on fire 150 places of business, and cars in one night. I mean you really have to know what you are doing to set a car on fire and you have to plan to do something like that. I can see 5 fires by local kids, maybe, but 150 please that takes real planning. Some of those fires came from people outside our communities. Not only that, but buildings and organizations that have grown to help those communities were torched as well. Most of the original kids out of school went home to get out of the way of the violence. They were smart to go home when they did. Any normal kid who has grown up in that neighborhood has to have gained some sort of pride in their neighborhood when things start to go right.

Africa American Ministers and White Pastors Activities

What I want to know is how are the African American Ministers doing, and the White Ministers as well. Rather what are they doing on Sundays in their pulpits to help families stay together and have a peaceful existence within themselves. Where are their thoughts on equality for Baltimore? What are they willing to do to get together and create more trust?

It is surely a lopsided reality in Baltimore as far as rights goes. But as all families and communities come together along with authority that is based on equality, there can be trust and peace .

The police in Baltimore need to be heavily integrated, and held more accountable as well. There needs to be more training not to exacerbate an ongoing problem, rather to help solve some of them. Like the boys and girls clubs, try to help. Sensitivity training is one type that is crucial if Baltimore police are to go together into the future of peace and success for everyone.They need training for the mentally ill situations, individual rights and feeling out situations that they are not sure of, rather than just drawing their guns or using brutality in certain situations. Certainly cameras on their shoulders would keep them safer and the victims of violent situations as well.

Ferguson Leading the Way

Ferguson is leading the way, and so should Baltimore's leadership in this matter. We are a little ahead because we already have a black woman as our mayor. However she needs help in making Baltimore better. No one, not even the governor needs to be shoving her under the bus like the he did to her in the past few days. Shame on him for not offering her help before the situation became so tense. Governor Hogan should have been looking at what was happening in Ferguson a few months ago, before he goes bringing in the National Guard. When they did that in Ferguson there were even more problems, especially when they brought in tanks. That is when things really blew up more in their faces. And that could also happen here. There is no reason why our policemen can't take advantage of more training that will keep everyone safer.

Schools Starting Special Bullying and Non-Violence Classes in 2003

I know for a fact that the schools in that area of the city started bullying classes and non-violent training in 2003 and for a long while that has been helping in stemming personal violence between the kids themselves. But when you are going up against the police that is another more adult matter to start off with.

Riding Your Bike in Baltimore is Normal

Riding your bike is a normal event in Baltimore. Freddie Grey was stopped while riding his bicycle. After they took him off of his bike he couldn't walk, rather they were dragging him to the police van. When you have six big strong men coming at you with batons, and all other kinds of equipment that can harm you, of course you might want to fight back. I do not know anything about Freddie Greys background, however, he was clearly outnumbered. But, he was stopped while riding his bicycle, and he happened to be black. Why was he roughed up so badly, and killed? We don't know that yet.

Afraid While Being White?

Perhaps the policemen who have been suspended at this point were guilty of being afraid while being white, however, why the violent beating of Freddie Grey. Fredde Grey was only one slight built man. Why would you put your knee or arm on his larynx in the first place. He certainly could not get away from 6 policemen because his leg was broken so badly that he could not walk. Then to add injury to insult they tried to put leg irons on his feet. Would you have rebelled and screamed, you bet, I certainly would have. So my guess is that they tried to shut him up.

They might have succeeded in that, but the issue is now much bigger than shutting up one man.Those few policemen have ironically successfully begun changing the entire conversation to where it really should be. It is however too bad a man had to die to bring this bad situation to light. Now the mayor and police chief are needing new policemen who will be more fair. There isn't anything better than that to come out of all of this for the entire community.

Curfew Set for Baltimore City

An Explanation of the 10 PM to 5 AM Curfew:
The Curfew applies to all persons within the City of Baltimore including those travelling through the City of Baltimore, excluding only:
1. Public safety officers
2. Persons working for the federal, state, and local law enforcement
3. Legislative offices and their aides
4. Persons employed by a Health Care Facility who are travelling to or from the Health Care Facility
5. Persons going to and from work
6. Persons suffering a health emergency who are travelling to a Health Care Facility
7. Individuals traveling through Baltimore City via Interstate 95 who are not driving into the City
Prohibited Conduct:
1. No person located within the City of Baltimore may be in a public place during the Curfew Period, whether in a vehicle or on foot
2. No person within the City of Baltimore may engage in a march, parade, assembly, or demonstration on a public place, whether during the Curfew Period or during Other Hours unless the event has a previously issued permit
3. Additional Curfew for Minors. In addition to the restrictions imposed above, during Other Hours, minors may not be in a public place except: when accompanied by the minor’s parent; when strictly necessary to travel to and from school when required to be at school, and when going to or returning from an official school, religious, or other recreational activity supervised by adults and sponsored by the City of Baltimore, a civic organization, or another similar entity that takes responsibility for the minor.
4. No operator of an establishment or his agents or employees may knowingly permit any minor to remain on the premises of that establishment if that minor’s presence would violate the above.
Apr 28 in Crime & Safety to 13 neighborhoods

Baltimore City Videos


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    • dianeknaus profile imageAUTHOR

      Diane Knaus 

      3 years ago from Anne Arundel County, Maryland

      That is an interesting way to think about being black. I have not read the book by howard griffin, nor seen the movie you mentioned. Hmmm, perspective is what really matters. Anyone who is strong in self respect can do well in any lifetime as long as other people respect that person back no matter what their color is. A person needs to be likeable as well as respected by others around themselves to be highly regarded.

      I'd like to ask you your age and what prompted you to read the book in the first place?

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      There is a book called black like me. A man named john howard griffin did it in the 60s. Also Robert Downey Jr did it in the movie tropic thunder.

      I want to change my skin color to black and appear as a black man. I think black people have a much stronger hold on the world. I think black people have much more protection. If freddie gray was white no one would care if he died. If george Zimmerman or darren wison or the Baltimore police were all black they would not be getting hung out to dry by the media. Black skin is a shield. If I ever have a son he will be protected by black skin. I will be protected by black skin one day. I hope they invent the double dark chocolate spray tan. I will go every week to keep myself black.

    • dianeknaus profile imageAUTHOR

      Diane Knaus 

      3 years ago from Anne Arundel County, Maryland

      Aha, that is kinda hard to do ace! Nice try though.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      All the cops need to disguise themselves as black. That way they can handle black criminals without backlash.


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