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In Weakness Find Your Strength

Updated on March 3, 2013

DFW TEEN VOICE Advice & Tips on Weakness & Strength


Have you ever though just when i have gotten it together something happens.

Have you ever notice that just when you meet your goal and in the middle of receiving your goal on the same track their may be a problem to resolve or another choice presented. This has happen to me a problem to resolve or another choice presented right when you reach your goal you ask what do you do? You face it and follow your heart and reach out for help and advice.

This has happen to me the best day of my life is reaching the goal that i have worked for to accomplish and yet now i face resolving a problem or choice. At this point don't become a shame reach out to maintain your position.

This is where you find in weakness find your strength. No you don't want your life to be split in half being happy and sad at the same time over a problem or choice to be made. It can happen and how you deal with this situation will challenge your feelings and emotions. This is what you are coping with your feelings and emotions. Now more than anything know that their is a higher power that is over you where you can't control the Source our Higher Power but move in the flow which maintains us.

Some people don't face the fact that they do not have weakness but why is this such a major interview question. So, in weakness find your strength. Acknowledge your weakness to find your strength. To have a weakness is not bad it gives you the opportunity to find your link to connect too, too make your strength whole.

EX. Like a puzzle when you are missing one piece the puzzle is not complete. In your weakness is your missing piece of the puzzle so find your fit. Like a chair uses all four legs find your extra leg to assist you and provide the strength.

We are all unique in our on way and different people bring different talents to surround us. Take advantage of what our Source our Creator has provided for us. in weakness find your strength because all humans have a need. This is why we have business, organizations and institution to resolve the need of our society.

know one wants to admit that they have a weakness but approach it where you now will be able to be better and better to yourself. Better to know your weakness so you can fill in the missing link you will have better understanding of getting the victory in your life goals, choice and decisions. Now when you reach your goals and at the same time you have a crisis or choice to be made you will know how to cope and maintain. In your weakness you find your strength by remaining balance and level. Don't give up and don't give in now is the time you put your decision making skills to work. Utilize your key networks, your family, friends, organizations and referred resources.

This is how you find your strength in your weakness. So know your skills and strengths so you can surround yourself with what is needed for your survival.


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