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Inconceivable but Undeniable

Updated on January 28, 2013

Inconceivable but Undeniable

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Inconceivable as it may be, life abounds in every atom of every form of existence. However confronting, a stone is just as alive as you or I, simply different in structure. We are all composed of the same substance, particles arranged in different ways; atoms into molecules and into molecular structures that define our state of being. We are all the same in life; each developed into gas, liquid, solid, mineral, metal, cells and organisms that have their own path of creation and life. Everything is the result of chemical reactions and growth in a never-ending cycle of existence. Everything resides in a state of flux, change brought about by the laws of balance and cause and effect.

Our viewpoint as complex organisms is the result of evolution, our state of consciousness, awareness and intellectual capacity defining us as superior. We see other forms of life as inferior because of difference and our ability to inflict our will on just about every other form of life on earth. This arrogant stance has proven to be a double-edged sword, and in life there are ramifications of all actions, the result of maintaining balance.

Life offers an eternal state if blissful harmony that only humanity casts aside. Nature, our understanding of the course of life without intervention, has a perfect process of which we discount. As the saying goes, ‘a little knowledge is dangerous’. We, as complex organisms, presume to know more about life, than life itself. So far this has not turned out how we expected.

What life is, the core of its source, lay within the building blocks of life. Atoms, the miniworlds that are our basic components contain energy that must be considered the source of life. Our experiments in this area have proven the vast energy available within these tiny subparticles, the building blocks of life. Our understanding of life will come from the study of these tiny worlds, as everything that exists is a combination of and the expression of life through various processes of change. Science studies these expressions to grasp how they came to be, but the origin will always be in the miniature world.

What humanity needs to connect with is the reality that we are simply a part of existence, not dominant in any profound way. I sit here at my computer and know that every object, surface and part of the physical is a living, vibrant part of life. Everything is surging with energy, glowing in a state of being; shapes exuding energies in different ways. Round shapes create spiralling patterns and edges carrying energy grouped in directions and gathering in corners like ants on the move. All life imparts this surge of being, an energy that can be seen and felt, if only people would become aware of life outside their narrow vision.

Unfortunately humanity has developed an arrogance and judgement about life, and has inflicted its will on everything to create a better environment for its own self-gain. The impact this has and continues to have is harmful to our planet, an organism in itself. It is not so much what we have done but how, with a total disregard for all forms of life. With this attitude and action we can only disassociate ourselves further from the opportunity of harmony and the peaceful existence of all life on our planet.

The cycle of life does not judge and accepts death and renewal as part of harmony and balance. Killing for food and maintaining life is a natural consequence, but pillaging the earth and having no respect or regard for balance, is simply creating imbalance, which in the end will be rectified. This will have an impact on humanity, one way or another.

Think about this, it is the most important realisation that humanity can acquire. Look around you; you are surrounded by life, in every form in every shape, colour and state. Everything you touch is brimming with the same energy that maintains your life. It is miraculous and the greatest gift. We must learn to appreciate it.


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