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Teaching in any Setting: Participation Project Environment

Updated on October 27, 2018
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Rodric has a Master in adult education. He has over ten years of facilitation and teaching experience.

Participation is an important part of the educational experience. It increases the chance that information is correctly disseminated and received by teacher and student. This research project explores adult participation in the Laveen Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Elders’ Quorum class to put into action a plan that increases the participation level to reflect the Church Education System standard to help adults to rely on the teachings of Jesus Christ and bless themselves, their families and others. The research project studies class participation—its application to adults and how to improve it and is not a discussion of religion though the research is completed in such a context.

Problem Statement

The problem is students in the Elders Quorum for the Laveen Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do not participate enough in discussion or preparation for the lesson portion of the priesthood meeting


The purpose of this study is to determine whether the application of specific solution or strategy improves the weekly classroom participation and preparedness. Classroom participation helps students to retain the knowledge gained. This research project provides an opportunity to assist students in the research group to find value in the education provided through the Church Education System.


Many times adults who use the CES take for granted that the subjects covered are knowledge that they already possess and have little value in taking a fully vested interest in the classes.

This research study is to assist students in noticing the value of the curriculum through a combination of actions that help the adults focus on the value of being in the class and helping the class become a successful place of learning.

The instructor presented a survey to the students on the first day about the merit of participation; and, how participation can affect the class.

The first function of the research plan focuses on attendance.

Instructors should keep a record of who attends their classes and have contact information to contact class members when or if necessary. A student who provides contact information is more likely to take the class more seriously than if the class is one where attending class is the end of what the instructor requires.

This also gives the instructor a chance to learn the students’ names and call them by name when participating in class. This helps to build a relationship of trust giving the student one more area of attachment to the class psychologically.

The way the culture of the institution behind the CES exists appears to promote the idea of accountability and duty to participate in the education classes it offers to its local members. Taking attendance in the class builds on the idea of the social phenomena to create a stronger desire for the students to belong in the class.

Students also have homework to complete during the week and have specific assignments for the following class. Setting the expectation that when class begins the instructor demanded something more than to sit and listen prepared the students to participate.

Students know the nature of the topics at each class beforehand so that more discussion can occur than instruction. Discussion brings with it inclusion, participation, and preparedness.

The students knew that having all materials for class helps to enhance participation and result in a reward for students that have all materials for the eight weeks of class. Adults just like juveniles need incentives to help them remember to prepare all needful things for class, whether the incentive requires negative reinforcement by taking away a privilege or positive reinforcement by presenting a reward.

Writer's Role

The writer holds a B.S. in psychology, a master in adult education training and has taught for over 15 years in the church educational system as gospel doctrine teacher and a youth gospel instructor. This experience has allowed the writer to observe multiple classroom settings and collaborate with several counterparts regarding adult participation in classroom settings. The writer also has taken part in a graduate level degree that focuses on adult education providing further insight in how to focus adult learning and provide a curriculum that will stimulate and engage adults.

The writer’s involvement in the graduate program directly related to this research project has afforded him the application of the techniques gained throughout the program instructing adults. The experience the writer has teaching adults over the course of 15 years contributed to the development of strategy to help increase participation based on what effectively worked for previous class experiences. The writer’s role at the time of the study was the Elders quorum teacher. The writer’s duties consisted of preparing lessons for the class from predetermined resource manuals adapting the curriculum to the students’ needs and delivering the instruction to all elders whether in class or not.

© 2012 Rodric Anthony


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