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India's Historical, Current & Future Inflation Rates

Updated on March 12, 2011

India's Historical Inflation Rate

The last reported inflation rate in India was hovering around 9 percent in January 2011.

What's interesting about India is the relatively large fluctuations in Consumer Price Index (CPI) rates over the last 50 years. It has hit an all time high of around 35 percent in 1974 and a low of -10 percent (deflation of 10%) in 1976.

The last few years have seen an average CPI of around 10%. with a recent high of around 16% during Jan 2010.

Will this be a sign of things to come?

The Historical India Inflation Rate


The Future of World Inflation Trends

To protect your hard earned money. I would recommend a few ways to tackle the problem of inflation. If you look at any long term historical data on Consumer Price Index (CPI). Its obvious that it will be nearly impossible to meaningfully predict and act on those predictions.

The best thing to do in my humble opinion act based on current data and tailor your inflation hedging approach to your unique circumstances. Its also imperative to stay nimble and flexible in your finances. So as to be able to react to changes in global or local inflationary price trends.

Understanding the underlying causes of inflation is one of the best weapons against inflation. This is be invaluable when you sift through the daily news and charts related to inflation to get at the keys facts and factors that will shape the future.

India's Large Swings in Inflation Rates Over the Last 40 Years

India's Rising Food Prices

India's growth is nearly everywhere but it is definitely not in its agriculture sector.

Its growing population coupled with an inefficient farming system have contributed to rising inflation in food prices. This also represents a missed opportunity when India's government did not follow up on its significant investments in the 1970s. 

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