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India's project - "National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning"

Updated on July 17, 2010

Indian government is running a project (NPTEL) for providing quality technical education to many students who could not make it to the good engineering collages. This program is to give presentations by the IIT professors on various topics. This project is already offering more than 200 web and video courses onlline.

The number of aspirants for getting into IITs is increasing every year. However, the available vacancies are not grown in the ratio. The number of aspirants to IIT are 4.7 lacks, where as the total number of students got it to the IITs are less than 14,000. It means less than 3% of students are able to make it. IITs offer the best technical education in the country that many MNCs would compete to hire the students even before they come out of the campus.

Majority of students who could not make it to the good collages, are unable to receive proper education or guidance. So, many are remaining unemployed and sometimes working in a job that is not related to their education. This project by the central government would surely benefit the students who crave for best education.

This project is started by the central human resources ministry and is run under the supervision of the 7 IITs in the country. This project goal is to provide best of education even in small townships.

What can you study in this programme

This project currently has 129 web and 110 video courses for civil, Mechanical, Computer science, Electronics engineering. These are prepared by the professors of 7 IITs. So, whatever they teach in the class room will be available as the online tutorial. And this is completely free.

All the courses are available online @

If the internet is not available, such as in remote areas, These classes will be available in the form of a hard disk of 500GB capacity. These are given for free to the government collages. The private collages have to pay 50,000/- for this hard disk.

NPTEL is started in 2007 and is well received even by the foreign students. Its videos got 2 crores of visits in youtube so far.

This hub is make our Indian students to be aware of this opportunity.


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