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Higher Management Education in India

Updated on January 9, 2010

Indore MBA Institute

Indore Management Institute
Indore Management Institute

Admissions Open in MBA 2010

Management education evolved in the period of 1900s and Harvard started in 1908 to impart formal management training. Since then MBA or business education is treated as the king of courses. In India, formal management education started with the inception of IIM Ahmadabad in collaboration with Harvard. Since then there is always a set defined priority to bring in corporate practice in to the class room. This was made possible in a number of ways and one prominent ways of doing so was internship. Gradually summer internship or summer training became an accepted curriculum in the management pedagogy.

The internships help the student to understand and work in a realistic atmosphere. At Indore Management Institute the SIP is for four to five months and in general it’s for two months in majority of business schools. During this internship a student is supposed to work in a company as an employee performing day to day activities and simultaneously engaging himself in research related to the company and the job so that he can also think alternatives and avenues.

The institute plays a significant role in terms of finding out the perfect fit for a student; which demands lot of devotion and dedication in part of the placement cell. Mostly the placement cell takes psychometric test of the students to know where and how the student is preferred and can perform. The company should also give a fair chance to the students to have hand on experience of things when the institute is at a good faith of the corporate.  If students are asked to sale the products of the company probably there is a benefit to the company which gets free labour from an institute.  No doubt there is learning but this will not be of help to the student much as compared to a student who has hand on experience in decision making in the company. So when an institute works for the academics; it is also equally important to treat SIP as important part of the curriculum.

Negligence at the time of SIP will lead to serious consequences. This, many times shows inability of the B-school to place for SIP which is a clear indication of failure in placement also. Second even if the school approaches for placement to corporate the response will be negative from most of the good companies as it’s a vicious circle; you are from a poor institute-poor academics-poor practical knowledge-so no placements or poor placement in the front line in sales etc...

The summer placement is important for the student for gaining practical knowledge and for getting a better job. So it needs sincerity at the part of institutes to place and the students to involve themselves in the decision-making process.

Indore Management Institute is one of the fastest growing B-School in India imparting world class management education to Indian as well as foreign students. Details can be found on institute's website


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