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Your Car seat Belt we can't Make.

Updated on February 24, 2013
skgrao profile image

I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

My Car Belt is Textiles.?

My friend was planning a long journey by road in his not so new "Maruti Alto".He wanted to stitch a new dress for comfort in long distence driving and wanted my help since I am a Textile Technologist.That part was well received and as a precaution I told my friend to carry spare fuses for his car and all the Belts especially the Fan Belt.He agreed on fuses but Fan Belt he asked me if it was textiles.I said yes.

Fan Belt is it textiles.?I said it's not only your Car Belt but also all the filters that are used in your Car engibe.What are the other things my friend please tell me.You have to read all my capsules you will know.OK I will but for time pass you can tell me he said.

My friend the part that I am telling you is on INDUTECH one of the 12 applications in Technical Textiles.INDUTECH is one which has emerger as the only one behind MOBITECH.The products under INDUTECH are so many as under:

INDUTECH products and solutions are for filteration,purification,mechanical engineering,chemical Industry,Electrical Industry and many more but to give you specifically they are in areas such as,filters,felts ( Scotch Brite ) your wife uses,belts of all kinds,brushes of many uses,remember the brushes when you see your auto car wash,Insulation Tapes( you see electrical wire men use you see so often,Cable components ( have tou seen the cross section of a high voltage cable ),Tarpaulins,Metalised fabrics,High visibality textiles ( your Traffic police and Building workers wear over their uniforms which are yellow color ),Conductive textiles ( you see in your comuter electrical connections ) and 3D textile products all of them are 5% of predicted ( for 2007-2008 )production value Rs.4,000 crore of all Technical Textiles.

My friend said let's have coffee and if you have anything more we will talk about it he said.The coffee shop we entered had a Canopy and a huge Balloon with a name of an advertiser and was written on the balloon to take that space for marketing.As we sat I pointed at the two and said that's also INDUTECH,what a balloon is textiles said my friend I told him that even the decorative shade used in his home on windows is INDUTECH.The tent that he takes for camping,The Glove that the cook in front of us who was wearing,The huge banner of a local politician's figure congratulating him on his 77th birthday,the ducting he saw in the fair he visited with me in an air conditioner were all under INDUTECH.

You are one bid Dude on textiles he said as we said good night leaving the coffee shop.


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