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Information About Dental Hygienist Programs

Updated on March 18, 2011

Have you ever wondered how to become a dental hygienist? The best way to start a career as a dental hygienist is to enroll in a dental hygienist program. Dental hygienist programs instruct students on dental procedures they will be performing once employed. Students will learn to work alongside the and assist the dentist in a dental office. Here is everything you need to know about dental hygienist programs.

Once enrolled in a dental hygienist program, you will learn about cavity prevention, tooth decay and diseases. Interacting with patients is essential to dental hygiene. A dental hygienist program will teach you how to interact with the patient and work with them to make them feel comfortable. Along with customer service skills, you will also learn science and health topics required by dental hygienists. Before enrolling in a dental hygiene program, take a few classes in anatomy, chemistry and pathology.

If you are in high school, taking classes in math, psychology and chemistry can help you get admitted to a high ranked dental hygiene school. Most schools require a high school diploma and college entrance exam scores to get into a dental hygienist program. Of course, the specific requirements will vary depending on the college.

Over three hundred dental hygienist programs are accredited by the American Dental Association. All dental hygiene schools offer at least a certificate. Most offer an associate degree and some offer a bachelor’s degree. To work in a private dental office, an associate degree or certificate is required by most states. A bachelor’s degree is required to become employed in a public setting while a master’s degree is required to do research or teach.

Becoming employed as a dental hygienist is a great career move as it offers good pay and benefits. It is a recession proof job as everyone has to get his or her teeth cleaned. Dental hygienists will always be in demand. It will be easy to find a job once you graduate from a program and get registered by the state as a dental hygienist. Enroll in a dental hygienist program today to get started in this great career.


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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      Informative and useful for those thinking about dental hygene. Rated up and thanks.