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What It's Like To Live On The Inner Planets Of The Solar System

Updated on October 20, 2015
the inner planets
the inner planets | Source

Our Transport And Accessories

It is now time to put on your space supersuit. A must for any self respecting space traveller ready to take a tour of the solar system, as we are going to do. Your space supersuit will withstand the most extreme conditions any of the planets have to offer. We will be travelling in a craft that cruises along at a million mile per minute, or 60,000,000 mph, so don't stick your head out of the window.


Setting out from the sun in our spacecraft will take 36 minutes to reach Mercury. It is the inner most planet and the most inhospitable. On the surface, as you look around, it appears to be like our moon. A scorched landscape littered with craters, some small and some as large as the Grand Canyon. The sky is dark coloured due to their being no atmosphere yet the sun appears two and a half times larger than we see it, here on Earth.

A person weighing 168 pounds, would only weigh about a third of that on Mercury.

The temperatures here vary more than any other planet. Going from minus 173 degrees centigrade (-280F) in the middle of the night to 400 degrees centigrade (725F) during the day. Hot enough to melt soft metals and boil away tin or lead.

The day would start on January 1st and would not end until March 1st. By March 29th, the dawn of the second day you would have spent your first year on Mercury.

Getting on a jet airplane and flying around the equatorial circumference, would take around 18 hours and 30 minutes, but we haven't got time for that now. We're going to Venus.


Leaving the sun in our space craft would take 1 hour and 7 minutes to reach Venus. It is surrounded by thick dense clouds of poisonous carbon dioxide, sealing in a surface temperature of 500 degrees centigrade (932F). Your weight would be slightly less than on Earth, but the dense atmosphere would crush a human to death (not us, weve got our super spacesuit on). It would be tantamount to being 1km beneath the surface of the sea. As you look around there is sand with boulders scattered around that appear to glow red, such is the kiln oven temperature. The sky would appear to be an orange/red colour, but because of the dense atmosphere, the sun wouldn't be visible.

The day here on Venus would begin on January 1st and you would have to wait until May before it reached noon. By mid-September, 20 days before the end of Venus' first day, you would have spent your first year as a Venusian.

The jet flight circumnavigating the equator would take 46.5 hours, just short of two days.


Travelling out from the sun we would pass Earth after 90 minutes and, 15 seconds later, the moon would flash past on our 2 hour and 21 minute journey to Mars.

The temperature here on the surface of Mars is a comfortable 21 degrees centigrade (70F) during the day, but at night it can plummet to -73 degrees centigrade (-100F). Your weight would be a third of what it is on Earth.

On the surface you would see a desert of sand, rocks and mountains. Some mountains are over three times higher than Mount Everest. During the day, the sky would appear orangey red and the sun looks half the size as we see it. At night the sky would appear a dark blue grey.

The flight around Mars' equator would take 26 hours and 20 minutes.

A day on Mars is just 37 minutes longer than 24 hours, starting on January 1st, the days end would come at 12:37am on January 2nd, but to stay for one year, you would have to wait 23 months .Just short of two years. This tour of the solar system is going to take longer than I thought. Good job we've got our immortacetamol tablets with us


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