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Bugs in a Midwestern USA Garden

Updated on April 21, 2012

Little Green Bug in a Big Flower

Photo 1
Photo 1 | Source
Photo 2 - This one is wild looking!  I believe this is a Katydid.
Photo 2 - This one is wild looking! I believe this is a Katydid. | Source
Photo 3
Photo 3 | Source

What are those bugs doing in my garden?

I have truly enjoyed gardening over the years, no matter where I have lived. One of the unexpected things that has turned out to be great fun, is to see what kind of critters and wildlife come around as a results of the plants and vegetables and flowers we grow.

Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love butterflies and moths, especially. It makes me happy to see bees enjoying my garden as well, I think there are so many benefits to having beneficial insects around. Its good for our communities even. That may sound like a stretch or even crazy, but the more I learn the more I realize. Do some of you recall that near panic some people were in over "where have all the bees gone?" I remember thinking, what DID happen to them? So all the more, they are welcome, and so happy to see them.

Some of these insects in these pictures are identifiable by me, but a couple I have no idea what they are! It has been one of the joys of moving around over my life, because I get to see new bugs I haven't seen before. These as the hub title suggests, are just from Missouri. The one katydid below, the green bug on a Japanese Maple leaf, really caught my eye.

The other two are types of beetles I believe. Now I have a new camera, and hope to see these same creatures again with a macro lens. That will be fun.

Photo 4
Photo 4 | Source

Bag of Worms

Photo 5 - Bag of worms.  These seem so gross, and I used to think they were very harmful to the trees, but I am not sure now.
Photo 5 - Bag of worms. These seem so gross, and I used to think they were very harmful to the trees, but I am not sure now. | Source

Some thoughts on dealing with unwanted pests

I have learned a great deal in regards to how to "deal" with unwanted bugs. Rule number one, is to NEVER assume it is a pest, or a hindrance to your gardening. Rule number two, for me, is to not kill it unless absolutely necessary, for it can kill other beneficial things like the butterflies I am trying to attract, and bees, etc. Rule number three, patience is a virtue in the garden as well! You will be amazed at "nature's way" of dealing with pests. Keep in mind, that in the food chain, there is likely something out there that thinks your "pest" makes a yummy snack! Just wait,and voila, you have your pest problem taken care of without having to use costly and sometimes dangerous pesticides.

The last photo is a bag of worms, growing in a mesh kind of web thing. They start out small, then grow and grow. I used to think they were very harmful for my garden, but now I am not so sure. They are fairly prevalent in the Midwest where I live. I can spot them now from far away. It is like my eye goes right to them. I wonder why the birds don't go right after them? As it matures, as the worms mature rather, it looks like the whole thing is alive, and a huge mass of worms. It is kind of creepy if you ask me!

** Make sure to click on an image to see the particular bug or critter up a bit closer. Don't worry, these for sure won't bite! Let me know if you know what some of these unnamed critters are, I would very much appreciate it!

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