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Inside the Eyewall of a Hurricane

Updated on October 4, 2008

Lookin' at the Storm a Comin'

There is such beauty in great power. The destruction left behind by Katrina, Dean and countless other storms, hurricanes, cyclones and torandoes prove that Mother Nature must be respected. Sometimes beauty should be respected and feared.

I have known many doctors, nurses and medical personnel here in Florida that immediately went to Louisiana to help the victims and surviviors of that tragedy. I knew many who volunteered to help those in need.

Personally speaking, I am also in awe of the force, power and beauty of nature. I am drawn to it like some, who are mesmerized by fire, auto collisions or freak incidences. The difference to many who view such moments with wide-eyes; I view with respect and prayers for those who are affected.

Gustav is predicted to be a very ugly hurricane coming to the people of the Gulf Coast. I am grateful that the effects I will experience are going to be minimal, but I am praying and truly worried for my fellow Gulf Coasters who will feel the wrath of Hurricane Gustav. May their God be with them and be merciful.

Peace, be still!

".The winds and the waves shall obey my will, peace be still, peace be still; whether the wrath of the storm-tossed sea or demons or men or whatever it be, no water can swallow the ship wherein lies the Master of oceans, of earth and skies." - excerpt from a Christian hymn

Sunset in the Eye of a Hurricane

My Request to You

Pray for those in the path of Hurricane Gustav as it moves toward the Gulf of Mexico, and for leaders in Louisiana and Mississippi where both governors have already declared a state of emergency in their respective jurisdictions. Pray that citizens will have time to prepare should the storm make landfall. Pray for safety and for care for all, particularly for those without strength or resources to protect themselves from impending danger. Pray for the storm to break up and move offshore. Pray for all those impacted by flooding and wind damage following Tropical Storm Fay, for encouragement as they recover and rebuild.

In the eye of Katrina

A Prayer for the Victims of a Hurricane

By all means, feel free to pray however you are comfortable. This is just one prayer I have found

Lord, you who calmed the storm at sea,

quiet the fears,

ease the pain,

tend the grief,

and light the darkness

of your children in

Mississippi, and Louisiana.

In stunned silence, be their voice

In rages against the night, be their balm,

In bewilderment, be their hope.

Lead rescuers to the lost,

shelter the waiting.

Sustain those who work to

make life's necessities spring

forth in this desert of gloom,

Blanket the weary with your tender touch.

Shake us from our comforts to

share our siblings sorrow and

pray them into new life.

We ask this in your name.


Inside the Eyewall of Katrina

Eye of Hurricane Isabel


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