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Inspiration I Have for Teaching Profession.

Updated on July 19, 2017
Odewoye Francis profile image

Odewoye,Graduate Electrical Engineering,Registered member, Engineering Council U.K,Registered member(COREN) Nigeria. Professional Engineer.

Historical background of teaching profession and its importance.

Education is one of the most powerful means of human progress. Perfect education is a drawing out of our faculties and is the development of all our natural talents. Thus an educated person becomes a center of wholesome influence, a pride to his community and honor to his country. The perfect of human nature should be the true purpose of education. Education has not only knit together the diverse states of this vast continent but also enabled us to become acquainted with events all over the world.

More so, education has been instrumental in bringing about a political awakening throughout the country. A nation is great only in the proportion of its advancement in education. Therefore the choice of learning activities whereby the goals of education are realized in the school is the responsibility of the teaching profession.

The history of teaching Profession can be traced to Confucious (561 B.C.), who was the first famous private teacher. In early American Colonial days, housewives and ministers taught. Massachusetts and Virginia passed laws requiring that for every 50 families, an elementary school was to be built and a Latin grammar school for every 100 families. Teachers taught reading, writing and religion in these schools.

In the 1800s there was a dramatic change in the teaching profession. Massachusetts required all towns with more than 500 families to have a high school for all students. In the 1840s, in Massachusetts and Connecticut, Horace Mann and Henry Barnard helped create school systems that further increased teacher training.

Teaching today has advanced into the television and computer age, which has changed the emphasis in teaching. Giving students assignments on TV or the Internet has opened new and different educational possibilities.

President George W. Bush's "No Child Left Behind" program began the 21st century by challenging and expecting teachers to emphasize basic skills in the classroom. Standardized testing of students made teachers more accountable for results.

Teaching is a fast-growing profession, especially in inner city and rural areas of all countries of the world and is expected to continue to grow for many years.

Demonstration of  teaching as a profession.
Demonstration of teaching as a profession.

1. Teaching as a Profession.

Teaching involves an application of knowledge, skills, and attributes to provide unique service to meet the educational requirements of the individual and of society.
Teaching is a noble profession and it is good for the conscientious mind. The nobility in the teaching profession goes beyond the money and material gains but lies mainly in the joy that one derives from contributing to the success of others.
Teaching develops the minds of children and young adults and prepares them to become worthwhile citizens of society. Teaching has transformed from a simple educational function into a complex profession.
Its members have an organized body of knowledge that separates the group from all others. It serves a great social purpose. Teachers carry responsibilities weighted with the social purpose, through a self-imposed the Code of Professional Conduct, which sets out their duties and responsibilities. Teachers assist each student under their care by passing on their accumulated culture in achieving self-realization?
There is cooperation achieved through a professional organization. Mutual cooperation plays a vital role in the development of the teaching profession because it represents a banding together to achieve commonly desired goals.
There is a degree of autonomy accorded the professional. Teachers have opportunities to make decisions about important aspects of their work.
There is a formal period of preparation and a requirement for continuous growth and development. Teachers are needed to complete a defined teacher preparation program followed by a period of induction or internship prior to being granted permanent certification.

Teacher makes learning environment comfortable for the students
Teacher makes learning environment comfortable for the students

2. Qualities of being a good teacher.

1. As a good teacher he or she must respects students. Each person’s ideas and opinions are valued in a good teacher’s classroom. Students learn to respect and listen to others and feel safe to express their feelings. A welcoming learning environment should be created for all students by the teacher.
2. As a good teacher he or she must creates a sense of community and belonging in the classroom. To provide a supportive, collaborative environment in a good teacher’s classroom, there must be a mutual respect. Each student is aware that he or she is an important, integral part of the group of the small community created and there are rules to follow and jobs to be done. More so, a good teacher should let the students know that they can depend not only on her but also on the entire class.
3. A good teacher must warm, enthusiastic, accessible and caring. A good teacher must be approachable, not only to students but to everyone on campus. He must be a teacher to whom students know they can go with any problems or concerns or even to share a funny story. Good teachers possess good listening skills and take time out of their way-too-busy schedules for anyone who needs them. If a good teacher is having a bad day, no one ever knows—the teacher leaves personal baggage outside the school doors.
4. A good teacher must sets high expectations for all students. A great expectation a good teacher realizes has for his students greatly affect their achievement; he knows that students generally give to teachers as much or as little as is expected of them.
5. A good teacher must has his own love of learning. A good teacher inspires students with his passion for education and for the course material. As a professional, he constantly renews himself on his quest to provide students with the highest quality of education possible. This kind of teacher must not fear of learning new teaching strategies or incorporating new technologies into lessons, and always seems to be the one who is willing to share what he’s learned with colleagues.
6. As a good teacher he or she must be a skilled leader. Effective teachers focus on teamwork and shared decision-making, as well as on community building. This makes a good teacher conveys his sense of leadership to students by providing opportunities for each of them to assume leadership roles.

7. A good teacher can “shift gears”. A good teacher must be flexible when a lesson isn’t working. This teacher assesses his teaching throughout the lessons and finds new ways to present material to make sure that every student understands the key concepts.
8. A good teacher must collaborates with colleagues on an ongoing basis. Rather than thinking of himself as weak because he asks for suggestions or help, a good teacher views collaboration as a way to learn from a fellow professional. A good teacher uses constructive criticism and advice as an opportunity to grow as an educator.

What I love about teaching profession
What I love about teaching profession

3. What I love about teaching profession.

Teaching is not a lost art profession but the regard for it is a lost tradition. There are many reasons to indicate sincere passionate about teaching. Oftentimes it’s hard to remember when I burned out, but it’s also easy to remind myself of why I chose a teaching career. Teaching is the profession that keeps me on my toes and keeps my heart alive. It allows me to use my brain often and often, often times through a variety of professional developmental methods. It’s a profession that allows ones to be creative and work with a variety of different people. Each school day comes with it a new beginning.

Teaching is a profession that keeps my brain young, allowing me to continue my own journey as a student and a lifelong learner. We as educators’ speak often about creating lifelong learners, but if we aren’t buying into it ourselves, then our students don’t stand a chance. In my ten years of teaching, I learned more from other teachers, my students and their parents than I learned from any class in my teacher-credential program.

Teaching profession never-ending journey.
Teaching profession never-ending journey.

4.Teaching profession is a never-ending professional development journey:

A teaching career is something that never ends. I continually learn and grow each day. I learn new strategies ideas and skills. I learn a lot about myself, not only as a teacher but as a person. I learn how much or how little I can handle each day. I learn more about my craft and how to best communicate with my students. Also what I learned from professional development is essential in every teaching career. Teaching is not only the students learning, but I as well.

More so, I get the opportunity to constantly learn research and better my own skill and knowledge in the process of planning lessons and finding ways to impact knowledge in the best effective way which would engage the students and help them to think critically.

As a teacher you should make a difference.
As a teacher you should make a difference.

5. As a Teacher I make a difference:

Teachers are the most important and responsible members of society due to their professional efforts which affect the fate of the world. When you are passionate and compassionate for something that you love, it will shine through. When you love what you do, you make a difference in your life as well as your student’s lives. As a teacher, I get the opportunity to make a significant difference in the world each and every day, just by touching the lives of my students and relating with them. As a teacher, I shape the future of my students and therefore contribute towards making their future bright and colorful.

Teaching work has a purpose. I get the opportunity to touch the lives of my students and contribute to making their future a productive one. Many obstacles reside in our fast paced world, a new technology that must be learned, the common core state standards, and trying to stay afloat academically with other industrialized economies.

Teachers are in the business of shaping our youth into the citizens that will eventually run this country. Finally, I make a massive difference in the lives of young people as a teacher even when I don’t realize it. I might not know how many students have taken my words of wisdom to heart and will go on to repeat them to their own children or even their own classes but it’s more than I think.

Teaching career inspire students both academically and personally.
Teaching career inspire students both academically and personally.

6. You as a teacher is an inspiration:

A teaching career has the opportunity to inspire students both academically and personally as well. True teachers are those who serve as bridges for their students to cross; then having facilitated their crossing joyfully, encouraging them to create their own. Unlike most careers, If I think back to when I was a child I’m sure I can recall at least one teacher that really stand out and made a difference in my life.

As a teacher I have touched lives of many students, making connections that will last a lifetime and providing them with inspiration that will take them to places in their lives.

7. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone:

I believe true growth as a person can happen only by challenging oneself with situations that are not familiar to. Throwing oneself into a job in which one can encounter people of different ethnicities and religious and with different philosophies learning styles, and background can only cause one to grow as a person.

Now for the fact that my brain learns something new every day becomes a means to fight old age. Whatever the case may be my belief is, the fact is that a good teacher continues to be a student in a graduate class or one could simply be a student of one’s own school community.

8.Teaching profession keeping it real.

Each school academic session brings new people into my life. Each lesson brings new perspectives. Each failure, when looked at formatively, can help me solve new problems. Each success when used reflectively can be even greater the next time. Sharing oneself, thinking aloud, and being honest about what’s working and what isn’t is not about making the environment “softer” it’s about creating a classroom in which students are at their best in attitude and character.

Teaching is a job that encourages my growth because to do it well requires your own continuous education.

9. Challenges facing as a teacher:

Every day is a new challenge. Every student is a new challenge instead. My brain gets a pretty good workout every day because there’s a lot of problem-solving involved with my job so every student is different in his own way and to impart knowledge in the best effective way, I need to understand them inside out which guides me to plan individually, same teaching strategy does not apply to every student as every student learns differently.

I am dedicated and honest to my job as I enjoy being a teacher. Every bit of my day I enjoy it with students and for students. I am never bored, that is what I always wanted to do. I don’t find reasons to skip it even for a minute. I simply love being a teacher

10. Reflection on being a teacher:

  • Being a teacher I enjoy and have fun with students while teaching them, listening to their problems and trying to solve them in the best possible ways.
  • I love teaching because it is so much more than just helping the student learn. Teaching is all about forming connections and building the trusting relationship with the students.
  • I love teaching because it is a delight to see the “light bulb” of understanding come on in the minds of the learners is one of the many reasons I continue to be an ecstatic teacher.
  • Teaching is a passion for me and so I am very comfortable in my classroom. I have had numerous experiences that have re-enforced that for me. I have never ceased learning from the students in my class.

11. Piece of advice for new teachers:

1. For the new teachers, if you are dedicated and honest to this job you will constantly learning a new skill, you will build a positive relationship with students, colleagues, parents and the wider community.

2. You will become a role model. People look to you for advice and guidance and that feels pretty good. More so, hanging out with children all day keeps you young and ensures that your vocabulary, fashion and music tastes remain current and relevant.

3. However, for every day you are the enemy of the students, there is twice as much time that you are their hero and you will be fondly remembered for the rest of their lives.

4. You will get the opportunity to relate to the students in so many different ways, learning from them whilst also teaching them.

5. Apart from being trained professionally, teachers should be ready to acquire more knowledge, attend conferences, workshops, seminars and also be able to upgrade their knowledge. If a teacher doesn’t develop himself or herself and be current, such teacher will soon go into extinction.

6. No matter what is going on around a teacher, he or she must be committed. Self-development is also very important; there is no end to learning for a teacher.

7. Qualification, interest, and mode of teaching were all essentials for a teacher. For a teacher who wants to be on top, there are two ways, vertical and horizontal. You have to prepare to go for some courses in part-time programs.

8. The teachers that are born have natural qualities, ability to talk, charisma and personality. No matter the level of your qualification, if you don’t have the natural qualities you will not be a great teacher.

9. The other aspect of it is to be professionally trained as a teacher. In terms of knowledge, you must be trained academically, so that you can have mastery of the subject matter. You know what to teach and have the knowledge of how to teach. These two things are very important. If you know what to teach and you don’t know how to teach it you are not a teacher. That is why people need to come for professional and academic training in education.


In conclusion, we urged government of any nation to make teaching profession more interesting and lucrative. Government should provide modern facilities in schools, give teachers incentives to improve their worth and welfare. More importantly, the psychological aspect should be included in the entry requirement so that people will not just come to this profession without having interest in it.

Our focus on the educational requirement, we have neglected the aspect of psychology. Before you can be admitted to study any teaching programmes, there are tests you have to undergo to be sure that you are fit, intelligent and have interest in the profession.



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    • Luke Holm profile image


      3 years ago

      Hi Odewoye, great hub! As a teacher myself, it is sometimes difficult to stay motivated. I find my motivation in the eyes of my students, knowing that whatever I do and share with them will help to guide their lives into a brighter tomorrow. I approach education from a space of love and compassion, the lessons follow.

      On another note, this was a good starting hub. I suggest you fix some capitalization errors in the text box titles. Also, all major words in a title should be capitalized. Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing :)


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