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Inspired by someone

Updated on July 6, 2014

Inspired by a teacher

To believe in yourself

Inspiration is a wonderful gift that we all should be blessed with. It can come in many ways and it is usually developed through the hard work and dedication of someone who truly cares. As we learn and develop we will be challenged by the work of others whose mission it is is to teach, guide and motivate us and expect us in turn to listen, question and perform up to our capabilities and beyond. We may not even realize it at that time but as we are encouraged and expected to do our best with words of praise and wisdom we will eventually learn how important it is to respect our teachers, mentors and parents and to appreciate the time and dedication they provide us as they teach and inspire us.

We may remember a special teacher who made us feel good about ourselves or who got us to finally understand a difficult math problem that seemed near impossible until they helped shed some light on how to solve it and had the patience and understanding to sit with us until we did. It is truly a magic moment when you can break that barrier that holds you back and finally enables you to believe in yourself. This is a wonderful gift a devoted and dedicated teacher, parent or mentor could ever leave us with through their efforts.

It is a testament to a teacher when you can remember them as being your favorite or that you credit them for being the one who inspired you and taught you to believe in yourself. They may never have known how much they had impacted your life or how much you remember their dedication but it is important to never forget them for they surely helped to shape you and make you a better person and for that you should always be appreciative.

My earliest recollection of a teacher who took an interest in me and really cared that I understood my lesson and was making progress was my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Blackbear and her assistant Mrs. Rubin. They both helped me to learn to read, write and understand arithmetic. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs Mc Mahon inspired me with math and challenged me to always understand and complete my assignments independently. I am eternally grateful to them and find that they helped me to become a better person.

I can remember how my mom always encouraged me and never was too busy to sit with me and help me with my homework or play a game of scrabble. She was always there for me and she inspired me to do my best in all I did. She really loved me and I will always cherish those precious times. We always wish we could have that opportunity to say thank you and I love you once again when we lose someone so close to us. When I lost my mom I wished I had that chance just to tell her how much she meant to me and how thankful I was.

My dad was a quiet presence and I learned a great deal from him about respecting others and always striving to do my best and to be dedicated and hard working in all my pursuits. He was a very loving and caring family man and a very proud and dedicated ironworker who always put in a hard day's work. He always challenged himself and he brought out his best always and inspired us to do so also. I always enjoyed talking with my dad and seeking his advice and was grateful for the time we had together. When I found out about his tragic death I was deeply saddened and felt so heartbroken that my wonderful, hardworking and devoted father had to die in such a sad and painful way and all alone. I was devastated and wished I could have been there for him in his time of need as he was always there for me when I needed him.

I feel we are challenged in our life to bring out our very best so we can enrich our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We will never achieve perfection in our life but if we can learn to do our best and have faith and hope and we can instill confidence and hope in our children and teach them to be their best then we will start on the path in inspiring them. I realize that a parent wishes the absolute best for their children and will do anything and everything in their power to make their child always feel loved, protected and happy.

I have come to appreciate all that my parents had done for me in my childhood and throughout my life and I draw upon those experiences so I can help my son through his struggles and difficult behaviors. I have come to realize that raising a child on the autistic spectrum requires a lot of devotion, love, dedication and patience. I have been very sensitive to my son's needs and very supportive in trying to help him and get him to a place where he feels comfortable and can achieve his own success and happiness. It is a challenge and a labor of love for both my wife and I in helping to inspire and motivate our son and challenge him to bring out his very best. It is my mission in life to help my son with my wife at my side to nurture, encourage, teach and inspire him to live to achieve his full potential.

We all need to feel loved, respected and to know that someone really cares enough for us that they will sit with us, listen to us, talk with us and inspire us to do the best we can. When we connect with someone who truly cares for us we will always find our way in life so we can achieve our success and teach it to our children someday. Life is about living, being our best and inspiring others to be their best.

Dedicated to my son who inspires me in my life as I hope to do in his life.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Jaime Escalante

Tribute to Jaime Escalante, A great teacher!

Stand and Deliver

Tribute song for a teacher


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    • fucsia profile image


      7 years ago

      Good Hub! I particularly like when you talk about your mother and her love. Recently a colleague of mine lost her father and the words that I will tell her are to honor the life of her father living with the love that he taught her. A love that is inspiration.

      A year ago I met a person who has become a master for me, he understands me and stimulates me. He teach me with patience and accept me with love. Maybe that is why I really like your Hub!


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