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Instant Gratification Generation

Updated on January 6, 2015

The Constant Need for Attention

"As we get past our superficial material wants and instant gratification we connect to a deeper part of ourselves, as well as to others, and the universe." Judith Wright

We, as people, are just dying for attention. Each and everyone of us has a need to feel important.

Some people in this world will deny that the idea of "Instant Gratification" even exists, let alone affects each and every one of us. To those people I would say that if we were in total control of our lives advertisers would be out a job.

You see, the modern world doesn't make life any easier. There are professions like marketing and advertising that make a living preying on our need for attention. Banks convince us that another credit card or loan is the answer to every one of life's problems. But the same banks will only give money to those who can prove they don't need it. How is that helping anyone? The truth is it's not.

Almost two billion people around the world are considered overweight or obese by many health organizations. How does that apply to instant gratification you ask? Some people have the constant need to overindulge to cover up their feelings, and spark the pleasure they long for in their bodies. The same pleasure that we should learn to limit.

Online gaming provides addictions for people to find instant gratification through raids, tournaments, and rankings. When it is really just another escape from reality. It is far easier for people to make friends online than actually have to get to know people for who they really are.

Still don't believe instant gratification is real? Look at how often we check our emails or social network notifications. I mean Twitter is basically fueled by our need for instant gratification. Without it, Twitter would be almost useless.

Through marketing and other cruel methods, the society we live in manipulates us into believing we need things that we truly don't.

Change your mindset!

This mindset has placed a huge burden on our society. We want everything now or yesterday, rather than tomorrow. But life should be lived in a way similar to planting a garden. Long story short, you have to grow with patience and through self-control.

Consequently, you can call this the "disease of more." The only real solution is to understand it, and understand it limits the meaning of things. Limits give things meaning. We have to set these limits to lead meaningful lives. Otherwise, we might as well just say we live for pleasure, and nothing else.

There are many things in life worth the wait: success, love, forgiveness, and your dream job are just a few. You have to take the chances given, and be ready to work hard for years before you succeed. We have to really work at something long enough before we will ever be naturally proud of it.


With all that being said, the reality of this generation is that when we want something, we want it now, and we will get it because of the strength of our desire. Yes, it will also require perseverance, will power, and a strong finish to make it possible, but with such powerful intentions anything is possible. This generation does possess a lack of patience, and a great want for success from the get go. However, can you blame anyone for that when most of what you see on TV is exactly that? The way that this generation has been raised made it possible to be that way.

Furthermore, it is true that it looks like a sense of entitlement, and it is, but your environment is influenced that. And in this society that is influenced on a daily basis. There is an instant everything nowadays, from video streaming and text to information and news. It all results in a loss of patience, loss of respect, and a loss of necessity for hard work. Though, in the long run, that can all be acquired, the intention, desire, and love is more important than any superficial quality we have been taught we should have.

Every generation blames it on the one before it, and talks shit about the one after. That is apparent in our society. The key for all of us is transcending ego because it is humanity's road map to being able to live in complete love (light), and continue in the process of evolution.

Though, the lack of patience and desire for results has made the quick technological advancements of this century possible. The instant gratification will continue to make waves, and in actuality continue to demand truth, which is necessary in our process of evolution.

Do you believe humanity is going in the right direction?

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