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Internal & External energy in the human body. 2017 Awaken from within.

Updated on August 26, 2017

Awaken from within.

Thank you for your interest in this topic, i hope to give you the best information from experience and self study.

My studies over my lifetime have been directed at Energy & Consciousness. I became fully aware of my thoughts and actions at the age of seventeen. I started to notice my energy levels were controlled by my inner emotions and outer environment.

There are two main ways for your body to build energy and two ways to lose it, these are through your positive and negative aspects of your internal body and your external environment. We are dual current being's and capable of using both these energy's to gain or to give energy. I will spend some time giving my interpretation of the two energy's.

First i will start with how we build the energy which is at this time in history the most dominate. This is from the negative ions of energy, which when absorbed by a body turn positive. These come from outside of our body, the external but can be stored and redirected outwardly. What is this external energy you may ask?

This is energy from an natural outside source, the prime example of this is the sun, which is also the best way to gain energy externally (lack of sun light is also our biggest loss). Some other examples are from other life forms which have spent there time building there energy from the prime source, these are trees, plants, animals. There are also energy pockets around the world where greater external energy's reside sometimes due to the energy left by human attention these are sacred grounds of churches, wells, standing stones, pyramids. The more natural sources are mountains, water falls, forests, by the sea or streams etc.

We can build our energy's from being in these places and studying there movement and sounds, studying the beauty of nature with a child's balanced mind of wonder and admeration. Unfortunately the majority do not get to spend much time with these natural external energy sources. Which leads me into the main example of how humans gain there external input, this is from each other, we spend much of our time in a unconscious or conscious battle for attention from another. We can get stuck in thought for another, and spend much of our waking time in our minds thinking of others, this displacement can lead to arguments and cause emotions to build up and fire off like a solar flare from the sun, giving us our charge. We also spend a lot of our waking time in logical thinking, this is where we verbally communicate with ourself, this energy is from the left side of the brain and can be hard to switch off.

The second way to build energy is internally building within, this is the hard part and the piece of the puzzle which has been neglected the most. It is the female inner energy, the stored energy within, its our feelings and emotions, the illogical self which words and thoughts find hard to describe.

To build energy from within can take time and attention to your inner self. What is the inner self?

The inner self is your internal body, your feelings, senses, emotions, which some refer to as the kundalini or the nervous system. What we put into or onto our body effects our inner self. Food input is the biggest inner building energy (this can also be our biggest loss). The food we eat has the ability to change our feelings, most foods which give us the largest increase in feelings are the ones which greatly lower our inner strength, these are the acidic high refined sugars and processed foods (Positive ions, which turn negative and dense in the body). At first they may give a rush of energy, but that is just the body reacting to the stimulant, the body is called into action to pump more blood to break down the heavy food, giving a temporary increased heart rate and the buzz of satisfaction. Some drugs also give this feeling as they ether increase or decrese the heart rate, all man altered drugs are highly acidic.

Fruits, vegetables and digestible living matter increase our inner energy as they contain the stored energy of the sun (Negative ions, which lift the density / frequency), this is alkiline and when consumed turns into a crystaline structure in the body, improving the whole system, especially the intrinsic memory. The elements in these foods break down easily in the stomach, no need for the large increase in heart rate, this is lost when they are cooked.

Other ways of building internal energy are: Meditation on self awareness, focused breathing, yoga, self massage ( Pressure points, hands, feet, nasal, ears & around the eyes) vibrating your thyroid (Humming on the inward & outward breath), High PH water, left in crystal glass ware in the sun, listening to tranquil music, without words. Basically being aware of your feelings in the body, not your mind of thoughts.

We as a dual energy being have an electric current which runs through our nervous system, the left hand gives out a negative signal which receives positive energy and the right hand gives out a positive signal which inturn receives negative energy. The feet are opposite as is the head or brain, which can be linked into via the ears. I feel we have forgotten the knowledge of linking this energy within ourself, as in we have stopped feeding, feeling and massaging our own bodies, instead looking outward for the energy of others to complete the circuit . When we place our hands and feet flat together our system is flowing in a circuit ( similar to a figure of eight) which inturn builds our inner energy. When we embrace another the system is then shared with the two energys, one maybe giving more to balance the other, this is where conflict can build unless the two energy's are of the same level.

It is the building of our energy which has been lost from society which is causing conflict in our lifes, the more you can build and store, the better life will become.

When you start to lift your energy you will find you have to deal with the people who take it from you the most, be aware they do not know why and how they take this from you. You may find its the people you love the most who may take or maybe give you energy depending on your current state.

If you need to deal with these people do it with an awareness that it will take your energy to inform them of there need. Nobody is to blame for this, it is just we have become forgetful of our need for energy and knowledge of finding the source.

I hope this helps. Good luck.


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    • profile image

      apoorva 11 months ago

      I think this was not very appropriate, very different from the others author's.

    • profile image

      Rohit Jain 22 months ago

      This is useful but does not lead you to the right road, would need more details .

      Would be great if could touch base at or share your address and will write

    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 5 years ago from Dubai

      Great hub. Lot of interesting and useful information. Voted up.