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International Tribunal : General Mladic Process in Hague Started (Searching for Justice)

Updated on May 18, 2012

13 Years from NATO booming of Serbia

President Tadic, with Minister of Defense on commemoration : 13 years from NATO booming. "We have forgive, but do not forget"
President Tadic, with Minister of Defense on commemoration : 13 years from NATO booming. "We have forgive, but do not forget" | Source


International Tribunal in Hague, Tribunal for War Crimes on Balkans...

War on Kosovo, war in Bosnia, war between Croats and Serbs ... The Yugoslav painful picture for everyone that even "felt" the disaster that hit people of Balkan, people living in Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Kosovo* 1244 .

Ratko Mladic. The name that nations across Balkan will never forget. The man that is educationally well situated - having top rates on toughest Military Academy in Yugoslavia. Man that have had all 10's on Academy, without being even known as a "criminal" or general. As his living teachers, professors, that were teaching him tactics of battle, how to fight a war and similar subjects - say that Mladic was extraordinary students, with straight 10's (A's), with nothing that could lead to even thinking that he could do things that he is accused for.

General Ratko Mladic, has been accused for several war crimes, and the one that attract most media attention is the one with Srebrenica, where he is accused for genocide and ethnic cleaning.He's facing, 11 counts of war crimes - against humanity, allegedly committed during the war in the former Yugoslavia the 1990s. His name, shortly after starting civilian war in Yugoslavia, started to be mentioned as a crucial one - in a meaning of war-profiteers and shortly after war-crime related newspaper labels.

War-crime accused, but for some hero !?

The fact that in Serbia, and in some parts of Bosnia - Mr. Mladic is celebrated as hero, it has been a trigger for some prejudges of people outside Serbia. Not so far ago, few weeks ago, the famous Swedish radio speaker-man have told, in "air", that Serbs are pigs, retards, and whole nation can be considered retarded because of supporting general Mladic, or celebrating him as a hero.

"If someone supports, and celebrates someone as a hero - and that man is accused for some of the worst crimes in modern human history, don't You think that those, or that nation is retarded? " - popular Swedish radio-speaker said in his interview on Swed TV.

So, the question is why do some people celebrate General Mladic as an hero, when he is accused for some of the worst possible crimes ?

-The answer lays in fact that, wheater we love him or hate him, he was the one that defended Serbs during war in Bosnia. For them, and from their stories - from lap to lap, from mouth to mouth, stories about his bravery and war-wins have been changed, modified, and some of Serbs that live in Serbia, also support him - and just because of these stories, and from popular Serbian spite, they call him a hero.

But, of course, it is absolutely not true that "majority of Serbians" in Serbia support his maneuvers and what he did in Bosnia, and in civil war - generally.

People in Serbia are also disgusted with accusation of killing about 7000 humans in Srebrenica, by the general Mladic's order. Majority in Serbia, looks at Srebrenica as something that should never happen, and something that should be a hard lesson to all nations that were in Yugoslavia. People of Serbia, will always give an support for those who lost their beloved in Srebrenica, and in war generally. But, where is the other side ? - That is something that bothers whole nation.

Anyone prosecuted for CIVILIANS?

Pictures showing CIVILIAN TARGETS

The other side?

Ok, Serbian soldiers and para-military troops have done some crimes, and with "some" I don't want to say that those are something that is "normal" for a war - but I mean on quantity... sadly.
But, what about crimes that Bosnian-Muslims and Croats did to Serbs? What about crimes that Serbs have survived on Kosovo, from side of extreme Albanians joined in para-military terrorist organization called "UÇK" ? What about 120.000 civilians, dead in NATO booming during 1999 ?

Nothing. That is the problem. When it comes to responsability and cooperation with International Court for War Crimes, Serbia has done a major job and fullified its cooperation with arresting Goran Hadzic and Ratko Mladic. But, how come that one of the biggest leaders of extremist part of Albanians, the leader of "UÇK" has been released from Hague, and he's walking free now on Kosovo? How? Everyone knows, whole public is introduced with his way of defense ... All major witnesses, has been killed during Haradinai process - and, because of "lack of evidence" , Haradinai is free now. Is that justice?

Well-public known incident at "Dobrovoljacka Ulica", in Tuzla / Bosnia, when agreement between JNA (Yugoslavian National Army) and Bosnian troops have been agreed, and when Yugoslavian Army started to retreat - Bosnian side have violated the agreement, and killed over 54 soldiers. I've underlined Yugoslavian, because Yugoslavian Army was made from different nationalities....So there were some Serbs, Macedonians, Montenegro soldiers, Bosnian-Serbs even... So, they violated agreement - both side agreed - and killed everyone that they could. Who is responsible for that ? Is that justice ?

NATO booming, 1990. Started on 7th April early in the morning. 3 days up to my birthday. I haven't even celebrated it, because, back then - there was no such thing as now "professional army". Every health male was called to army, and every health male was serving army from 6moths to 1 year. So, my dad left - to battle for ... nothing ... and everyone forgot my birthday. Dad was out - in war. So, any way - I want to put out the case when NATO boomers, boomed and killed everyone in moving train, full of kids and mothers. Over 2000 deaths. Boom!
Then, building of national television ... Dozens of families left without their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers... Boom! Hitting the hospital in center of Belgrade and clinic in Novi Sad.. Boom! Many, many, many civilian targets or technically called - tercial targets. Anyone prosecuted ? Anyone convicted for anything ? - NO. Where is that justice ?

Slovenian people haven't left without an incident, that left some of their people with "bloody hands" to live with. About 3000 Serbian soldiers, that were on regular army time - nothing to due with civilian war - were shot. All of them, put together in one barrack and ... they were shot - instantly, all of them. Later, the man responsible for that crime became president... Anyone arrested? No. Anyone prosecuted? - NO. Where is that justice?

But, when it comes to Serbian people, and Serbian crimes - we all are guilty, even before judges say their decision... When it comes to Serbian Government, we accepted in our Parliament the "guiltiness for Srebrenica" where Serbian soldiers did terrible crime - and having that document voted, we accepted that there was a crime, from our side in Srebrenica - and we are truly sorry.

Again, when it comes to arresting, prosecuting, and processing war-accused mans/generals - Serbia delivered all people that were wanted from International Court in Hague.

Have anyone else did closely the same ?


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