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Internet sites to help with your teaching. Prezi, go animate, avatar sites and many more fun sites to inspire children.

Updated on October 1, 2013

What is this hub about?

To be honest it would be best for you to have a play with them to find out if you like them and could use them in your teaching but what I will do is give you the link and suggest some things you can do with them, and things I have used in my lessons.

I have to admit, I try and use good websites alot in my teaching - either as a way to capture the students to their learning through a good starter to the lesson or use them as a carrot - you can go on this site if you do this first - or plenaries where they use what they have just learnt.


Prezi has a number of advantages over powerpoint:

  • It is visually so much better (the camera zooms in and out of letters or pictures)
  • It is very easy to use and can store alot of information - text, pictures and video.
  • It is an internet based program so the students just need to log on. There is no danger of them forgetting their memory stick to load it up - or even their log in details on the school system for that matter!

So what can it be used for?

  1. Anything you use powerpoint for this program can do easily.
  2. Set a homework presentation on any subject you like for them to present to the class next lesson.
  3. Use as a plenary where they have to write a presentation on what they have just learnt about in the lesson.
  4. Revision excercise - each group are to be given a revision topic which they are to make a prezi and then present to the class next lesson to aid their revision. They can use their books and the internet to revise this topic. Make sure they give examples in their work of the topic they are doing.
  5. You could use a prezi instead of a textbook for the students to gather information from. Make one yourself and get them to log on.

You can use it yourself to teach from instead of a boring powerpoint to the starter of your lesson.

Another brilliant way to use this website

Peer assessment is a great tool that helps students understand how they need to improve their own work. This is easy to do on Prezi as there is a comments box they can use to assess other people's work.

A star and a wish is a great way to do this. Students don't tend to word things very nicely when trying to give feedback so if you make sure they make a positive comment first (star) then this makes it easier for them to still remain positive. Make sure they do not use very negative words when assessing others - making sure they realise that they wouldn't like it done to themselves so they shouldn't do it to others.

A great website for animation tools

Fantastic and so easy to pick up. It can range from the easiest of things down to more complicated for the older students.

Ideas of how to use it:

  1. Making an animation is a great way to aid writing. It is their story board or plan before writing. Get them to produce a five minute clip and then from this they can write it up using all the descriptive writing and speech you have taught them.
  2. It is a great way to teach speech - use speech bubbles in the animation and then the students have to turn this into speech sentences.
  3. The students can use it to teach others - they have a revision topic and use the animation to have two characters talk about it in a fun way. "Did you know ..." etc
  4. A good stater to the lesson instead of a boring powerpoint.

Specially for schools

If you can get the management to agree there is special discounts on the site for schools. The best parts of the site cost money (like voice recording). I believe it is a yearly subscription but then each and every student gets their own log in details which they are able to use at home - a good and fun piece of homework there!

If, like me, that isn't possible then the site can still be used by your class. (They will have to log on with your details so I would suggest using your school email address). They will only be able to use speech bubbles and limited characters too but they can still have a lot of fun.

Very quick and easy way to create signs

Ideas to use this site:

  1. First week back and you are creating the class rules. Students should discuss what would make a good set of rules so they can learn well and to make sure they don't fall out! Then they can use this site to create the signs to display in the class so they can be reminded of them if they are pushing their luck.
  2. Certain topics lend themselves to creating signs about dangers so they can understand what others had to deal with - WW2 danger signs or propaganda signs.
  3. Older students could use this to label things up for when they run clubs etc.
  4. Use it to instil positive language - instead of saying don't do this, how can they turn it around to say what actions they should be taking? (This should be the way they word the class rules - positive language is far more powerful than negative)

4: Avatar sites

Avatars are great and your children will enjoy doing these:

Avatars are cool; super heros are cool. Win, win!

Creating an avatar is a cool way to engage the students. What kid doesn't like super heros?

Every loves lego

A very easy to use avatar site. And what kid doesn't love lego.

This can be lots of fun

  1. When writing myths you could create your own monster to go into your story - you can get some great descriptive writing from that.
  2. When teaching habitats you can get students to design an animal which would survive in certain places and then explain why they would.

Avatars are great

What better way to have fun when teaching about e-safety. Children should learn to be safe on the internet and having their own photo on social networking sites is so dangerous for them. Have fun when making an avatar and remain safe at the same time.

Other ways in which I have used it are:

  1. Lesson starter where the student creates an avatar to fit into their story. From this they need to write a few descriptive paragraphs about what they look like.
  2. Using better connectives in their work - My super hero can ... because... , However they are really good at ... due to the fact that ... etc.
  3. Creating a character for their story - they produce a picture here but then write a whole character description, not just what they look like.
  4. I have read out a character description/ how a character reacts to a situation etc and then they have to make it using the site. Once complete they have to explain their reasonings behind it.

Learn about animals and use for science or writing

This is a great website that allows the students to explore and learn.

Ideas for this website include:

  1. I have used this for when writing about myths. The students created their own monster or animal and then they had to decribe it using all the descriptive techniques we have talked about within our literacy lessons. Lower ability can concentrate on using adjectives and higher ability can move onto similes or metaphores within their writing. This idea was used with a year 3 class as it is very simple.
  2. To use this for older students then they could add in the other senses like what sounds the animal could make, what would it smell like? This could be a character/animal in a story or just a fun lesson on descriptive work.
  3. While teaching science I have used this site to get the students to create an animal which is suited to living within different habitats. Their job is then to describe how this animal does so, what adaptations they have to help them survive? How would they gather food? If they are a preditor, how would they capture their prey? At the end of the lesson some of the students then stood up and explained to the class what they have learnt.
  4. Another idea for that science lesson is to describe a habitat and then the students then design their animal. A mini plenary after they have been given 5-10 minutes to do so would be asking them why they have designed their animal like that. How would that animal survive? Then do the same again with a different habbitat.
  5. Idea 3 running along the same theme would be to design an animal yourself and then the students are to describe what adaptations the animal has to survive. They should also guess what sort of habitat they would like in and why.

Switcheroozoo fun

The idea behind this website is that you start off with an animal, which they have alot of options of from around the world. You then can swap its head, body and legs for other animals. This creates a hybrid of animals in one body.

Whilst doing this the students can read a little about their chosen animal. A real fun way to allow learning and applying learning during their lessons.

Maths website games - general.

There are plenty of websites that tailor to maths games. They are great and if used properly they challenge the students well.

Why is it so good?

This is a website that alot of primary school do already have. It is very kid friendly and is catagorised into year not levels. That isn't a bad thing when trying to push on your brightest students as they look on the year higher than they are working at the moment - which is great for their confidence.

However be careful when it comes to lower ability because asking them to go onto a year lower than what they are currently will only damage their confidence and self worth. If possible load up their games before they get into the computer room.

Saying that, it is so easy to use and now comes with a play online against anyone who loads it up. This is great for competitive students as it is against the clock as well as other students around the world.

My maths - why is it so good?

Top marks is a great website with lots of educational games. I have to admit I have tended to use the maths part alot more than the others. They are great for mental maths starters - games like bingo, times tables games and any other maths game you can think of.

I like how it is also broke down into key stages when searching for the games. This makes it so much easier to find games you can use.


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    • Karen Hellier profile image

      Karen Hellier 

      5 years ago from Georgia

      Wow, this information is quite helpful and I never knew these sites existed. As a substitute teacher, they will be quite helpful to me in the current school year. Thanks for the tips! Voted up and useful.


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