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Interpersonal Relashionship In Nursing Staffs

Updated on September 22, 2014

Reasons For Lack Of IPR

Poor organization often leads to insufficiency, misunderstanding or actual conflict among the personnel. Any conflict, however slight in the staff, is sensed by the patient and makes him feel insecure. Insecurity causes him to increase complaints, and it slows down recovery. The technical skill must be added with the warmth of human feelings and compassion.


  • Little personal investment by the staff in organizations objectives and goals.
  • Policies, directives and orders are not being carried out as intended.
  • Competition between staff rather than co-operation or collaboration.
  • Staff blames others for problems instead to taking responsibility and seeking solutions.
  • Staff taking refuge in procedures and policies instead of searching for better alternatives.


  • Tight control over decision making with little staff participation allowed.
  • Staff judgement not being respected by administrative and supervisory personnel.
  • Rejection of the experience of others.
  • Lack of positive feedback on good performance.
  • Lack of corrective feedback on poor performance.
  • Tradition encouraged, innovation discouraged for fear of making mistake.
  • Inadequate mechanism for communication up, down, and sideways in the organization.
  • Insufficient direct observation by supervisors.

Effective Communication Skills/ Techniques


  • Be attentive- concentrate on what is being said.
  • Be impartial- don’t form an opinion, just listen.
  • Reflect back- restating what has been said helps the speakers know that you understand.
  • Summarize- pull together the important messages so that you and the speaker recognise what was important during the conversation.


  • Posture- let your body show that you are interested, by sitting up and leaning towards the speaker.
  • Equal positioning- if the speaker is standing, you stand. If the speaker is sitting, you sit as well.
  • Facial expression- remember that feelings are reflected in facial expressions.
  • Gestures- your body language reveals a lot about how you interpret a message, so be aware of when you are angry or in a hurry or bored etc.


  • Be open and honest- collaboration between patients and professionals begins with the understanding that you trust each other with all information.
  • Speak clearly-don’t mumble and don’t talk too quietly. If you don’t know the word for something, describe what you mean so that you mean so that the speaker can have a shared understanding of concern or question.


  • Express concerns non-judge-mentally- talk about your questions or concerns without blaming other people.

Interpersonal relationship nursing

Factors Affecting Faculty Staff Relationship


Poor organisation often leads to insufficiency, misunderstanding and actual conflict among the personnel. Any conflict, however slight in the staff is sensed by the by the patient and makes him feel insecure. Insecurity causes him to increase his complaints, and it slows down recovery. The aim of the health care team is to restore the health of the patient.

In order to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to positive attitudes, all staff and faculty should keep in mind that relations among themselves are significantly influenced by factors such as the formal organisation of the health care facility, and by the informal organisation features of an organization.


Language, psychosocial, & intellectual development affects the level of understanding to a great extent. For example. The development of a fresher in a ward may be different from that of a experienced worker, so the way of interaction to them is different.


From the early age boys & girls communicate differently. Girls tend to use language to seek conformation, minimize, differences & establish intimacy. Boys use language to establish independence & negotiate status within a group. These differences must be kept in mind while communicating. The relation of a staff an


Values are standards that influence behaviour& perceptions are the personal view of an event. Because each person has a unique personality trait, based on different life experiences each will perceive & interpret the message differently. So the language must be moulded in such a way that the message is perceived correctly.


The performance or activity of the of the staff is to be periodically evaluated and appropriate training should be given or appropriate promotion can be given.


The relation between staff and faculty should have confidentiality, the staff will have a trust relation with the faculty so that they can easily approach the faculty


It is the distance people prefer in interactions with others. Teachers must maintain personal & professional distance with the student. While she must understand the student well but also must maintain social distance.


The roles & relationship between the sender & the receiver affects the communication process. Choice of words, structure of sentences, & tone of voice vary considerably from role to role.


A comfortable environment is also a must for effective communication. Extreme temperature, excessive noise, poorly ventilated class room & environmental distraction can impair & distort communication.


In congruent communication, the verbal & non-verbal aspects of the message match. An efficient communication must be congruent so as to develop trust.

importance of IPR

Staff Interpersonal Relashionship is Very Important ?

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Faculty and Student Relationship

Teachers and students should be more stand point of view of students examine their attitudes contacts, words and actions and so on. The students understand the feelings, needs, interests and hobbies, understanding, immature attitude and behavior of students. When teachers ask students should consider the suitability of the physical and psychological characteristics of students and development of the law and they should lead by example.

Teachers should be good at capturing the interest of students, hobbies, and students interested in the formation of the integration point, and then gradually expand the scope of the dialogue. 'Interest convergence point is that the things of mutual interest, it is not interested in the strong over the weak denial, that is not the teachers force students to accept their own interests, nor is it some kind of pressure forced teachers to students interested in unprincipled concessions but the formation of teachers and students a common interest '. The common interest is the expansion and deepening of exchanges between teachers and students the foundation they are trying to form a good impression and establish a harmonious relationship between teachers and students an important factor.
Harmonious teacher-student relationship is not required teachers to turn a blind eye to the mistakes the students, but to take students to accept the line of criticism. Students should be criticizing the error depending on the nature of their mistakes, severity, student's character and criticism of the occasion, the flexibility to use criticism. In criticizing the students, it should be appropriate to give comfort. This criticism will not harm the students self-esteem, the students readily accepted and correct and does not hurt teacher-student relationship.
Teachers respond to student's progress and outstanding performance to be appreciated. Teachers appreciated the students motivation to learn, but also the harmonious development of teacher-student relationship factors. Proper appreciation requires the teachers to the student's actual performance, the selection should be applauded place to appreciate a variety of ways. This includes teachers eyes appreciated the affirmation of the appreciation of language, behavior recognition, material incentives. Teachers for students the process of appreciation, should be taken to avoid excessive appreciation of and appreciation for less, to avoid the behavior is not commendable appreciation.
Teachers can talk, anonymous letters, etc. to ensure the smooth flow of student feedback channel. This feedback includes students for their teaching, ways and means of communication as well as individual behavior of the comments and suggestions. Teachers should think carefully about these comments or suggestions. For they are at fault to be corrected, do badly want to improve the students a place to find a way to clarify the misunderstanding.

Care as a Service

Interpersonal relation

Maintaining IPR is neccessary in nursing

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Responsibility of nurse


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