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Into the Weird Part 1

Updated on March 7, 2011


    When I was growing up I was a big fan of pseudoscience. UFOs, cryptozoology, and conspiracy theories were all very big interests of mine. Television played a massive roll in getting me interested in these topics. There was the X-Files, of course, but I knew that was just a fictional television show many of the topics it covered were talked about on various pseudoscientific documentaries. These sorts of documentaries can still be found today and unfortunately they usually end up on what are meant to be the more serious science oriented channels such as Discovery, Nat Geo and the History Channel.

    Later on the internet opened up a whole new world of crazy ideas. Suddenly researching pseudoscience was so much easier and more enjoyable. I spent hours doing research on all sorts of topics reading anecdotal Bigfoot sightings with wide eyes and even listening to some radio interviews and videos about people who claimed to be from the future.

    Today I want to talk not about the main theories that make up modern day pseudoscience. I'm going to veer away from 2012 and Bigfoot to deal with some of the more OUT THERE ideas that make pseudoscience such a fun topic for believer and skeptic alike. This will hopefully be part one of a larger series as there are no shortage of crazy ideas circling the interwebs.

Hollow Earth

    Hollow Earth "theory" is one that has been with us likely for millennia that, thanks in no small part to the internet, has gained some amount of prominence. I first became aware of the idea in my teens when watching a documentary. I don't recall the title but I do remember that the Nazis had supposedly found the entrance to the Hollow Earth in Antarctica. Apparently the Nazis had been all over the world and it is considered common knowledge that Hitler was obsessed with the Occult (and by common knowledge I mean Raiders of the Lost Ark told me so). So the story goes that with the war pretty much lost many Nazis escaped into the secret underworld, the Hollow Earth.

    The idea that the Earth is hollow is much older than the Nazis however. The oldest myths of the hollow Earth are, of course, the underworlds of various myths and legends. Caves are common place on Earth and to the ancients they were likely mystifying even frightening places. Many people today would probably be frightened to venture into the dark. Underground is also where the lava is. The idea that the Earth had some sort of fiery interior realm continues to this day with some Christians still claiming Hell is at the center of the Earth. There is an interesting anecdotal story of a drilling team in a foreign country drilling too far and hearing the sounds of people burning in Hell. A recording of these sounds can be found below,

Supposed Sounds from Hell are towards the end of the video

Hollow Earth continued

    The idea that the Earth is hollow is fairly absurd to anyone with a grasp on the principle of Gravity. It hardly takes a genius to realize we are held to the Earth and do not fly off into space because gravity is pulling us toward a center. If the Earth were hollow the outer crust too would collapse towards the center. It doesn't take more than a grade school level of geology to entirely debunk the idea but people still cling to it even in modern times.

    Many New Agers believe that Agartha, an underground city at the center of the Earth, is a real place. Some also hold that UFOs and several races of aliens make their homes under the world, along with the descendants of Atlantis. There are at least three or four entrances to the hollow earth. The first two are, obviously, located at the poles of the Earth, the second is Mount Shasta in California and the last is in Tibet somewhere (Hitler was supposedly looking for the Tibetan entrance as well).

    So what is an ancient idea long proven entirely absurd doing being believed in modern times? To me this shows that the longevity of an idea has no bearing on its truthfulness. Clearly this idea feeds on people's emotions. We all want there to be mystery and adventure in the world and sometimes relying on the explanations of science can be boring. Why base our opinions on evidence when the ones based on faith or legend are so much more fun?

Government Time Tunnels and Remote Viewing

    Supposedly poor grieving widows aren't the only ones being conned out of their money by psychics, now the government, known for not being able to keep a practical budget, is also blowing money on the clever con artists. According to some the government employs a great deal of remote viewers. Remote Viewers are psychics that can see into places that they haven't necessarily been. Sort of like astral projection remote viewing allows the practitioner to visit some far off location and report back what they see.

    Before you go on believing that Remote Viewing is the weirdest claim of what the government is getting into wait until you hear this. Some actually claim that the government has working time machines. Most of these claims say that the government began its attempts at time tunneling during the fabled Philadelphia Experiment, an event for which no conclusive evidence exists. Essentially the experiment entailed trying to turn a ship invisible but instead the ship was propelled through time and space, it briefly appeared hundreds of miles away before reappearing in Philly. When it did finally rematerialize most of the crew had gone mad, several were missing and some had supposedly been melded to the deck because their atoms couldn't exist in the same time and space as the ship's.

    These claims are also sometimes linked to Nikola Tesla who is kind of an end all be all in the conspiracy theory world. The man was eccentric indeed and made a lot of exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims. His work, along with Einstein's and the possibility of us working with alien technology are often cited as where the US government got the idea for time travel. This project is sometimes called Project Montauk.

    So where have we gone? How far have we gone? Well according to one report we've gone ahead to 10,000 AD, but supposedly after 2012 AD everything in the Universe changes. This is a convenient date as it creates a tie in to the supposed 2012 Mayan prophecy that something will happen that will either change the world, or destroy it (everyone has a different idea of what will happen and all of them are unsupported by evidence). Tie ins are key to this sort of belief as they can create a web of interlinked ideas. All of those single ideas by be unsupported or weak but when taken together they can seem very convincing because of the sheer level of entanglement. The number of threads makes it seem more credible.

Strong Bad uses a 386 Computer

And according to one man so do time travelers.
And according to one man so do time travelers.

Time Travelers with a Computer

This one is probably my favorite because its the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. According to reclusive researcher "Ronald Pegg" a Time Traveler, or perhaps Time Travelers, went back in time with a circa 1995 computer and a set of CD-ROMS from the same era. They visited various times scattered across thousands of years of history and supposedly, I shit you not, inspired essentially every religious myth ever created by man. Normally I hate theories that claim that our ancestors couldn't have come up with their own myths without outside influence (I'm looking at you ancient astronaut theory) but this one is so absurd and silly that I have to let it go and just laugh.

So what is this guy's evidence? Well like Ancient Astronaut theory he takes various myths, legends and ideas from across the centuries and robs them of context to reinterpret them to fit his conclusion. The results are epically hilarious. His strongest piece of "evidence" however is a photo which has been shooting around the net. It supposedly shows Joseph Smith (the Mormon founder) holding a plastic CD case, undoubtedly from Peggs circa 1995 CD-ROM, long before plastic was invented.

Yes that's right the ancients were visited by people from the future posing as gods or angels who inspired their mythologies using an early 90s 386 computer. My first question is, obviously, why these time travelers didn't first go into the future to get better computers. Or why didn't they just go back in time with a well illustrated encyclopedia? Or perhaps waiting until Wikipedia was invented would be an even better idea. One also has to wonder how they managed to power a 1990s POS computer in Moses' time period, its not like there were any three pronged electric sockets to plug the damn thing in. I was actually tempted to purchase Ronald Pegg's book which he is selling on his website WORLD BREAKING DISCOVERIES.

A Still from one of Pegg's videos

I added the Black Text, on the right is the photo in question which Pegg and his followers claim clearly shows a CD case.
I added the Black Text, on the right is the photo in question which Pegg and his followers claim clearly shows a CD case.

The end of our journey, for now...

    So I hope our little journey through three far out pseudoscientific ideas was enlightening to you all.  Now you're first inclination may be to laugh and that's fine but also remember that while these ideas seem outlandish, and rightfully so, there are many ideas out there that don't seem crazy which are. We may think that Scientology's claims about Lord Xenu are absolute nonsense but are they truly any more outlandish than the idea that a disease healing zombie born of a virgin is going to grant you eternal life? Join me next time for another journey into the weird.


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    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 6 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      Man, I just found out there is no pot of gold at the end of rainbows. I am bummed out to the max.

    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 6 years ago from back in the lab again

      Indeed and it seems like our ability to deceive ourselves into believing this silliness is never ending. Ronald Pegg's claims are definitely my favorite as I can just imagine two "time travelers" in sweater vests lugging around a hefty PC from the early 90s through a time tunnel. As if those two guys wouldn't be instantly stoned to death the moment they set foot in ancient Palestine/Israel :D

    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 6 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      The things people come up with! Our imagination is the biggest, wildest thing of all!